Leader and Founder of the Champion Ways Chapel International Bishop Samuel Owusu has expressed concern and grievance over Ghanaian politicians for deserting religious bodies in all their manifestos, when religious organizations occupy the highest number of the country’s population, and deserve to have an entire ministry to cater for religious affairs.

img-20150712-wa0012Religious bodies that includes Muslims, Christians and Traditional leader, have for so long been deserted by governments in terms of their welfare, making them redundant whilst they are the main backbone of the country.

Speaking to Newslinegh, Bishop Sam Owusu suggested that, any government that will take over in 2017 should include in his plans to establish a ministry that will deal solely on religious issue and seek for the welfare of religious leaders, since religious bodies in a country contributes extensively to the economy of this nation.

“Talk of schools, estate houses, building, employments opportunities that has been offered by religious groups in the country, I’m not even sure any of these political parties of this country has the capacity to do so. So why has the nation forgotten all about us”. He asked.

It is in my suggestion, He said, government should come up with a Ministry, “Ministry of Religious Affairs” and under this ministry, we can have all the Christian bodies together, as well as the Muslim bodies.

Christian bodies such as the Christian Council of Ghana, Pentecostal Council, the Seventh Day Council, Spiritual Churches Council and the Prophetic Churches Council will all come together under one umbrella in this particular ministry with all the Muslim bodies as well

Even if government cannot come up with this request of having a ministry for our good course, at least a Commission or an Agency for religious bodies to cater for religious activities and to regulate spiritual issues just like the set up commission for Chieftaincy and Culture. He reiterated.

He said anytime any religious leader makes a declaration or prophecy which calls for public attention or fear and panics, this suggested ministry should be the outfit to handle such cases.

The police only come in when the issue is beyond control, because religious bodies are the only mediators of certain issues that can cause riot or chaos when it comes to spiritual matters.

We should not see the police as our only resort to every difficult situation because police solves only the physical aspect of issues, and so we should leave the spiritual aspect for the spiritual heads to tackle them

When we receive revelations and prophecies, our only means of conveying these messages to the people involve is either we send it through the congregation, through the radio or find them personally to deliver the message which is even difficult to do, but if this institution has been set up, as I suggest, conveying prophecies to individuals will be so easy because men of God will only have to send the message through the ministry for them to call on the individuals, inform them and also pray over it before it goes into the public domain.

With the help of this suggested ministry, Commission or an agency, spiritual heads will be the ones to decide which one is of public interest and which one also deserves to be told privately and will also help flash out fake prophecies.

Individuals and parties seeking political leadership should know that elections are not a do or die affair. The nation needs to stay intact even after the election processes. The environment will be competitive but must remain peaceful. Whether winners or losers in the election, the nation still remains the same, one people, one continent with a goal which is peace.

Our only position in crucial situations like this is to reconcile people, defuse tension, end every bloody clashes and religious leaders will do everything for being a peacekeeping force. He added.

By: Blessing Roselyn Boateng


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