Kwame Asiedu Walker Contemplates Joining 2020 Presidential Race

A renowned business man, Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker, is considering to contest Ghana’s Presidential race this year.

The 2016 Independent Presidential Aspirant, has always believed that successive governments have paid lip services to the development of the country, and it is high time a stronger force stepped in to break the two-party monopoly the country has witnessed over the years, which arguably has yielded no massive results.

In 2016, he filed to contest as an independent candidate, but was unfortunately disqualified by the Electoral Commission over filing anomalies leading him to take legal action against the EC.

This year, Mr Asiedu Walker says, following calls and advise from sections of the public, he is considering the possibility of joining the 2020 race.

Speaking exclusively to, he noted that “Year in and year out, the only thing Ghana derives from the twin political kingpins of this country has been mass unemployment of our youth, agonizing high cost of living and endless poverty.

He said, “instead of getting down to work, the parties engage in daily blame games and contests over who is more corrupt, whiles the people struggle to brave through the dry realities on the ground.”

Sources close to him reiterates the  experiences he’s gained in serving in various hands-on positions, and working in close contact with government interests also afforded him a good appreciation of how Ghana must develop.

Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker (2020 Independent Candidate Hopeful)

Kwame Asiedu, believes that there comes a time in one’s life when he has to respond to a higher calling to put everything aside and devote all his expertise to selfless national service, for the greater good; and that, if he does decide to join the race, he is ready, able and willing to lead a fresh team of Ghanaians to wrestle power from the status quo and move our nation to catch up with its post-independence development compatriots, notably Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Mr Walker is the founder and CEO of a private infrastructure company which specializes in and has initiated several infrastructural development projects under Build Own Transfer to Public Private Partnership.

He has also been involved in business initiatives involving Singapore, Malaysia, Botswana, Gabon, Canada, France, UK and Ireland.

Source: Earl Ankrah/


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3 Comments on Kwame Asiedu Walker Contemplates Joining 2020 Presidential Race

  1. Faisal Umar farouk // September 23, 2020 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    May the Almighty Allah let arrive safely patiently waiting for him at krachi West Keke- krachi


  2. Simon Aboninga // September 8, 2020 at 9:00 pm // Reply

    The grounds has been cleared and we are patiently waiting for his arrival. We in the north have been waiting for him since.


  3. NANA ABOAGYE // September 8, 2020 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    Awesomely welcoming news!! This is long over due. Ghanaians can’t wait.


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