I STAND FOR PHD-Declares Kennedy Agyapong, as he proclaims his presidential bid

Controversial politician and businessman Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has declared formally his bid for the presidential candidature for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) which he belongs.

He indicated that his position is a determined and an irreversible one.

Subsequently, his numerous supporters should not quaver, as he will not let them down.

This came to light last Tuesday, when he met with the Parliamentary Press Corps at the Noble Hotel in Accra.

I am PHD

The composed presidential hopeful who also doubles as Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, stated that he stands for PHD; A situation that baffled members.

However, taking his time to explain, he indicated that his version of the PHD is not the theoretical or bookish type of PHD, but the pragmatic one.

Expanding further, he stated that the “P” stands for patriotism, “H” for honesty and “D” stands for discipline – PHD.

He maintained that with these principles, he intends to turn the Country’s fortune round in 100 days if given the knod as President of Ghana.

According to him, armed with this motto, he will imbibe into Ghanaians the true ternets of Patriotism, Honesty and Discipline to serve their country better.


While stressing that discipline was his hallmark, the NPP Presidential hopeful recounted how he disowned his own son and nephew, who misconducted themselves against some policemen some time back.

He stated that when notice came to him while outside the country, he charged the police to deal ruthlessly with the son and nephew in accordance with the law.

Touching on corruption, Akorm Preko also mentioned that he will not corrupt himself for anybody to have the chance to do same.

Stressing that he has enough to feed on daily and a fleet of cars, he will not need government cars or cash to corrupt him.

He was quick to point out that if even his wife was sighted in an issue of corruption, he would fire her.

He emphasized that with his PHD mantra, no one near him dares corrupt himself by going against his PHD mantra.


The curious Presidential faithful could not comprehend why Ghanaians and Africans for that matter, should suffer in the abundance of natural and human resources.

This, he attributed to the issue of theory on the part of African leaders, wondering if there were any real leaders on the continent in general and Ghana in particular.

According to him, African leaders are only good at theoretical propondments but lacking in their implementation.


While bemoaning the gasping employment situation in the country in the mist of abundance of materials and resources, Hon. Agyapong, wondered why that should be the situation.

He revealed that he has over 7,000 employees throughout the country in his personal position.

Subsequently, should he become the president of the Republic, God willing, the issue of unemployment will become a thing of the past.


Ken Agyapong, nicknamed “Akorm Preko” for his no-nonsense character stated that tourism will be one of his targets.

He revealed that the castles and forts along Ghana’s Coast which were used for slave trade and colonialism, are replit with tourism potentials.

He hinted that the oldest Bible with which our colonial masters colonized us, is in the Elmina Castle.

“Besides there are many other tourism attractions there and in the other forts and castles around, while many others still abound throughout the country”. These, he said, he would explore not only to boost tourism, but to let it serve as income generation revenue for the country.


The NPP Presidential hopeful could not comprehend why in the midst of abundant arable farming lands, food shortage should hit Ghana as it is being alleged especially in secondary schools.
He wondered if there were leaders at all in the country.

While maintaining that Ghanaian leaders are not creative, he indicated that he can turn the country’s fortunes around through Agriculture and there will be not only more food to eat, but more to export for revenue and employment for the youth in particular who he stands for.


Hon. Kennedy Agyapong also emphasized the need to have bold leaders in the country to say it all as it is.

He pointed out that it was against his principles that people misconstrue him on a number of issues. According to him, he does not compromise on issues but speaks his mind.


On the issue of the mystery death of investigative journalist Ahmed Swale, Hon. Agyapong strongly disassociated himself from the act, stating that he cannot kill a human being.

He indicated that the journalist had been tormenting him for some time, and it was then that his attention was drawn to the fact that he (Kennedy Agyapong) had even paid for his school fees before.

He pointed out that it was the time where he showed him on TV and urged his workers to beat him up anytime he showed up at his premises.

“This did not mean that, I had instructed for his murder!” he explained, stressing that he was sorry for his premature death.

Source: S. O. Ankomah/


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