Togo’s Opposition Leader vows to unseat Pres. Faure Gnyassingbe

Togo’s largest opposition party, Parti National Panafricain (PNP), has vow to unseat the ruling Union Pour La République (UNIR).

The party issued this strong statement at a briefing in the capital Lome while addressing party faithful of the need to unseat Togo’s longest serving party.

Addressing thousands of supporters, founder and leader of the PNP, Lawyer Tikpi Achadam, stated that the country lacks many development infrastructures and social amenities, which according to him have made life unbearable for the citizenry.

“Poverty has engulfed the people of Togo for so long and that time has come for the Togolese to fight for their right as citizens”.

“PNP would rule Togo with the law and as well initiate policies which would ensure that the country would be a better place”. He assured.

Togo, he said, is currently under the dictatorship of President Faure Gnyassingbe which is unconstitutional and against the rights of the citizens.

He reiterated that, the people of Togo are currently under slavery, and his party has come to redeem Togolese from total slavery hence his call for revolution to unseat the UNIR.

According to him, the PNP would not involve in any form of tribal politics but would serve the interests of the nation Togo.

This, he said, would help unite and build a conducive environment for all.

He therefore appealed to Togolese to come out in their numbers and support the PNP to take over leadership from the selfish unpatriotic UNIR government.

Special advisor to the founder and leader of PNP, Koli Salam Youchaou, also revealed that, Togo has never had a free and fair elections hence the need to use other alternative means to unseat the ruling government.

He called on the security agencies to discharge their duties without fear or favour and as well protect and defend the citizens and not to allow themselves to be used to intimidate the good people of Togo by the ruling government.

The security agencies, he said, have been victims of radicalization in the fight for freedom in Togo, adding that the ruling government uses their services to intimidate citizens anytime attempts are made to oppose the ruling government.

This, he said, has resulted in fear and panic for the people of Togo.

According to him, the security agencies have a role to play in promoting freedom in the country but have failed to do so due to instructions from the ruling government.

The future and development of Togo lies in the hands of the security agencies and posterity will not forgive them, if they allow themselves to be used to prevent people from fighting for their rights and freedom. He added.

Story by: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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