Move Forward With Faith- Rev Mrs Ahlija Urges Christians

From Sagyimase, E/R

Reverend Mrs. Lydia Ahlija, Resident Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at Sakyimase in the Eastern Region, has urged Christians to endeavor to surge forward with faith, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in.

“Stand up in your faith and move forward as the Lord will fight for you, no matter the circumstances in which you find yourself! “. She admonished.

Rev. Mrs. Ahlija made this admonistion during the thanks giving service of two departed members of the church in its auditorium of the Ascension Congregation at Sakyimase last Sunday, August 7, 2022.

Citing Exodus 14:1-25, Rev. Mrs. Ahlija recounted how the Israelites, on their run to the Promised Land from Egypt, got entangled between the Red Sea and advancing army of the Egyptians.
However, through faith, they passed through the Moses opened Sea with the advancing Egyptian army getting stuck in the Sea and finally getting run over by the Sea after the Israelites had crossed over.

Interspersing her sermon with songs, thus making it lively, Rev. Mrs. Ahhlija stated that if one believes in God, He is capable of fighting ones fight in times of need.

“if you believe in God, same (Read Sea Wonders) will happen to you and your enemy will realize that there is a mighty hand behind you. If you have belief and lived a pure life, all will see that there is a God fighting your battle for you”. She stressed.

This admonition, she buttressed with songs like Yereko Yen Anim Ara, Yeni Atuo, Yeni Agyan….. “She pointed out that at a time, the Egyptians realized that the Israelites they were chasing had a mighty hand fighting for them. They therefore decided to run away from them (Israelites) but it was too late.
“Your faith can save you, as your faith is your weapon!” she emphasized.

Also citing Daniel 31, Reverend Minister pointed out how through faith Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego survived the fiery burning furnance.

Also she recounted how Daniel survived in the lion’s den as a result of his umflininig faith in God. She stressed that what is needed most in such trying moments is ones unflindings belief and faith in God.

Leading her congregants during praise and worship time, an elated Rev. Mrs. Ahlija, exhibiting youthful exuberance, was seen dancing profusely for well over one (1) hour alongside the mulling dancing congregation, thus sending the church agog.

She explained that, being the first Sunday of the month, the congregation had every reason to sing, dance and praise God for having seen them through the first Seven(7) Months of the year, the demise of their two aged members not withstanding.

The Reverend Minister noted that they are likely to meet happily their departed members on resurrection day.

She was however quick to point out that this can only happen when members live righteous lives.


Rev. Mrs Alhija became the toast of mourners, including Prophet Appiah Danquah (Son of Madam Ellen Boatemaah), Pastors and the general Crowd at the funeral grounds from both her sermon, the previous day and during the thanks giving service.

It was later gathered that the Reverend Mrs. Lydia Ahlija is a teacher and chaplain at the St. Stephens Secondary Technical School at Asiakwa, having done this for the past six (6) years besides, she is a motivational speaker, touching on all issues ad manner of all ages.

As a teacher, she teaches External Entrepreneurial Skills, management and many more. “No wonder her outstanding Prowess in preaching!” remarked Prof. Appiah – Danquah.

Source: S. O. Ankomah/


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