Excluding the President, Veep and their Wives; Here’s a list of the 998 Workers at the Jubilee House

The President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has officially released a list of 998 names as total number of people working at the seat of government (The Jubilee House) in Accra.

He made the revelation in a list presented to Parliament.

The list, which is for the period January 7, 2017 to December 31, 2017, is in line with the constitution and the Presidential Office Act 1993 which enjoins the Presidency to annually brief Parliament on the list of persons who work at the Presidency.

The list shows that, there are a total of 998 people currently working in various positions at the Presidency.

These include ministers of state at the presidency, persons working directly at the office of the president, senior presidential advisers, presidential staffers, and presidential aides and employees of other Public Services assigned to the Office of the President.

The release of the list is in compliance with Section 11 of the Presidential Office Act, 1993 (Act 463), which requires the President to submit annually to Parliament, a report on the staffing position of the Office of the President.

Here is a Breakdown of  the 998 Staffers on the list

Ministers of State – 9
Presidential Staffers – 27
Junior Political Appointees – 256
Employees of Public Sector Organisations – 706

The Breakdown of the 706 Civil/Public Service Staff at the Office of the President

  1. Chief Directors -2
  2. Administrative Class – 21
  3. Executive/Clerical Class – 18
  4. Records Class – 10
  5. Secretarial Staff – 32
  6. Budget Analysts – 2
  7. Supply & Materials Management Class – 15
  8. Internal Audit Class – 5
  9. Information Technology Class – 5
  10. Programmer Class – 4
  11. Research Class 3
  12. Total strength of Administrative, Secretarial Classes, etc. and Presidential Household staff
    Other staff on Attachment
    Department of Parks and Gardens – 98
  13. Ghana Health Service – 46
  14. Controller and Accountant-General’s Department – 13
  15. Audit Service – 7
  16. Ghana National Fire Service – 61
  17. Public Works Department (Prestige) – 64
  18. Telecom – 4
  19. Telephone Exchange – 2
  20. Ghana Postal Company – 4

The other Ministries and Departments under the presidency are;

  • Office of the Senior Minister
  • Ministry of Regional Re-organisation
  • Ministry of Business Development
  • Ministry of Special Initiative
  • Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Ministry of Public Procurement
  • Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development
  • Ministry of Planning
  • Ministry of Aviation
  • SDG Unit
  • Free SHS Secretariat
  • One District One Factory
  • National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Planning
  • Diaspora Secretariat
  • ECOWAS Secretariat
  • National Cathedral Secretariat

Below is the copy of the full release 


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