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As Journalists, the fourth arm of the realm have the mandate and prime responsibility of blowing highlights on issues that borders on the development and peace of a nation, Newslinegh is here to be that voice for the voiceless as well as providing our ardent readers, the requisite information on events making headlines in Politics, Sports, Business, Entertainments and all the latest News trending across the African Sub-regions and beyond

Newslinegh is run by a network of politically non-aligned and progressive Ghanaian citizen Journalists, who are committed to affecting positive change, promoting national development and improving information access.
The network is keen especially on the use of social media and general platform as a tool for affecting positive change.

Top investigative reporting, top government and business reporting, best anti-corruption reporting, exclusive political reports, evoking Sports news, insightful entertainment stories, breaking News, political commentaries and business & financial analyses are the main motive for it inception

This network is economically and politically independent, making its reports and analyses free of partisan politics and conflict of interest.
Newslinegh is totally committed to abiding by the cardinal principles of good journalism – truth, accuracy, and fairness.

Our Mission

In a country that is divided along political lines; in a country where the media is mainly aligned to major political parties, and where news reports and analyses are skewed in favor of government and political parties, Newslinegh seeks to be the voice of truth and dignity with respect to news reporting in Ghana.

Our mission is to provide accurate, incisive reports and news stories for the benefit of Ghanaians and Africans home and abroad.
With truth, accuracy, balance and fairness being our core values, everything we do as Newslinegh will be solely independent, unbiased and executed with the utmost integrity.

Our Vision

Newslinegh seeks to affect positive change and promote national development in Ghana using the Internet and social media as our basic tools.
To become the most credible and respected online media network in Africa and beyond.

Newslinegh, telling the stories from an ethical perspective