President Akufo-Addo in bed with Luxembourg PM to Legalize Homosexuality in Ghana-Dr. Ayariga

The Founder and Leader of All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga has ridiculously addressed the President Akufo-Addo as soon to be 2nd wife of Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and also accused him of mischievously setting up the voluntary Free SHS fund as an avenue for homosexuals to indirectly expand their territories and to increase their membership in a form of contributing to the fund.

He said, the comments of President clearly give hope to those secret homosexuals in the country to thrive and expand their society, and was virtually teaching them how to rap his government to help them acquire legal status.

“It is interesting that our President hosted known homosexual leaders soon after. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel is a homosexual, married a fellow man Gauthier Destenay as his husband while he the Prime Minister is the wife. The couple are expected in Ghana any time soon on the invitation of president Akuffo Addo to reaffirm his position on gay marriages and homosexuality in general. I hope our President don’t become a second wife” Dr. Ayariga comically stated.

According to him, the President has created a clear campaign platform for those already in homosexuality in the country to lure more youth into it and other similar practices.

“No wonder some elements are thanking him in the social media and planning to embark on a march in Accra to show themselves; a clear response to the President’s advice to them. No wonder they have sent one of their colleagues to head one of the embassies in Ghana, and subsequently using the premises for gay meetings and activities”

“Our Vice President Dr. Bawumia earlier on also welcomed the Dutch Premier Mark Rutte, another known homosexual, all these just hours after our president gave his cunning endorsement that legalizing homosexuality in Ghana is bound to happen if a coalition is strong enough. He has again given our SHS students another hope and confidence to engage in such barbaric act. What other hopes are we expecting Mr. President? He questioned.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga also lamented that, Nana Addo’s comment will enable the influx of other international communities which have already accepted the practice into Ghana in order to increase their membership, since that is the only way to have their freedom in the country.

President Akufo-Addo, He said, has prescribed an indicator for legalization of homosexuality in Ghana and those already in the act will begin to increase in their numbers across the country, and when this happens as the President directed them, it will be easy to lobby the NPP government with their majority in parliament to send this country to hell.

“Now that we are cash strapped and begging for voluntary donors to help us fund unrealistic campaign promises, the President is by his comments creating avenue for foreign homosexuals to invest more resources in Ghana and get the chance to operate to win more “souls” into homosexual society. I am not surprised we have set up the Voluntary Fund for the reeling Free SHS. These back door bandits are ready to contribute to this fund because it will cater for their target group”. He emphasized.

He therefore urged the President not to beg to the detriment of his people’s beliefs, culture and norms, reiterating that his party the APC, and Ghanaians shall reject any act of ignorance and Western culture imposed on them, saying marriage is a decision taken between two individuals of different genders and not same gender.

He also indicated the late President Mills stance on homosexuality as well as Former President Mahama who also emphatically indicated that, he would not depart from his predecessor’s position and further stated that all three religions in Ghana frowned on homosexuality, and so, it was impossible.

Dr. Ayariga however advised parents to pray for their children, and as well find out the kind of people or friends their kids associates with, else the free SHS they are chasing will soon turn out to cost the life of innocent students.

“I believe we need to demonstrate some consistency on Prof. Mills’ position. I thought Nana would be the president with the most emphatic stance on this issue since he is already advocating for a Ghana without Aid-the only leverage they seem to have in their attempt to force homosexuality on us” Dr. Ayariga concluded.


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