NPP UK contributes record breaking £110,000 to December election

As we enter into the “final days” before the 7 December 2016 elections, I want to take time to acknowledge the historic and unprecedented contribution that NPP UK, has made to our quest to see the election of an NPP administration under the stewardship of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo as President of Ghana.

This is a year of destiny for our nation, an election, that unlike many before, will define the course of our nation for a generation! There is a fierce urgency that we must embrace at this stage in our election season, to cease the opportunity to rescue our nation from the clutches of a corrupt and inept NDC administration!

NPP UK has once again risen to the challenge. We raised the bar, and exceeded the targets and expectations we set for ourselves.

Together we have mobilised financial resources of more than £110,000, unprecedented in the history of our Branch.

To you, who have responded to our call, and indeed the many more besides, who have made diverse contributions and sacrifices that have in many ways gone unrecorded, we say a big thank you.

To the leadership and members of our Chapters across the length and breadth of the UK, we say a huge thank you for your invaluable contributions to this effort! This has made NPP UK stronger.

The committed and loyal support of all our members to the work of our Party is gratefully appreciated, and will go a long way to support our efforts to deliver victory.

We defined a clear campaign agenda. We set out our goals – to see the election of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo as President of Ghana, and to see NPP candidates win a majority of seats in Parliament, with targeted support to 10 marginal seats and 10 NPP UK candidates.

We committed resources to work to drive up our votes in key communities in Ghana supporting special projects – Agenda for Change, and our Nasara wing.

We mobilised logistics to support the campaign. We have also mobilised committed volunteers who are assembling in Ghana, working shoulder to shoulder with our campaign teams.

We are present in our constituencies, present in our villages and towns, present across our cities, ready to stand with our Party members in Ghana, to send out the message of the dawn of hope, and working to ensure that Ghanaians turn out in our millions to vote, to deliver a massive victory to our Party, and that we police the ballot to ensure that all our votes are counted, and our victory, the true expression of the will of our long oppressed and dispossessed fellow citizens, is truly upheld!

Our Party has presented to Ghanaians a bold Agenda for Change – an agenda for transforming our economy and creating jobs for our people. Our Party is the voice of the voiceless.

We have heard the cries of the many who have been left without hope.

The injustice, given voice by many who have taken to the streets in peaceful demonstrations over the past 4 years of this NDC administration, the many who have languished under scourge of Dumsor, the many who bear the scars and bruises of the corruption that has impoverished a richly endowed nation and blighted the hopes of our people.

The weight of expectation of Ghanaians weighs heavy on the shoulders of our Party leadership! We are ready to serve.

The time for liberation is now. We are ready to lead. The time to nurture our hopes and dreams to reality is here.

We stand ready to deliver!! I am certain that we will rise to the challenge to once again, build that shining country on Africa’s hills, soaring high as is our nation’s destiny, and giving voice once again to the hopes and aspirations of millions.

We are ready to answer to the call of duty! Let us go forth, and together, deliver victory! God bless Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, God bless NPP, God bless Ghana!

Michael Ansah
Chairman, NPP UK

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