I was only inn to compete Ideas- Ricketts Hagan Explains; As He bows out of Contest

Flagbearer Aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Member for Cape Coast South Constituency, Hon. George Kweku Ricketts Hagan, has explained why he joined the race in his bid to lead the party in the upcoming general elections, as he officially bowed out of the Flagbearership contest.

In a signed statement by the office of the Lawmaker, there is no need continuing a race that has already been determined.

According to the statement, achieving reforms for the party, built on the principles of probity and accountability and social justice, was his main goal when they began the campaign a year ago.

“People who were supporting their conscience flocked to our message and felt the need for the party to move forward, but many in the party who are looking for a ‘quick return to power, were all rooting for one candidate which they feel is well-marketed and well-resourced to deliver 2020”. The statement revealed.

The statement also added that majority of the delegates they reached out to have chosen a different path, despite them giving everything they got.

“We, therefore, did not pick up nomination forms to advance our contest in the flagbearership race scheduled for January 26, 2019, by the National Executive Committee”.

Hon. Hagan is also confident that his campaign, while unsuccessful, offered the NDC party an alternative by focusing on issues which many think are crucial to the party.

His Intents to Contest as Flagbearer of the NDC

Hon. George Ricketts Kwaku Hagan had also indicated in an interview with, that he is not in the race to compete any member of his party, but his desire to contest is solely to compete ideas and to lead the NDC to victory in 2020, hence the need for him to be given the nod.

“We went into an election in 2016 and lost. We have come back to the drawing board to strengthen ourselves with new ideas, with a new vision and that’s why I believe I will be able to offer my ideas to the party going forward, and that is the reason why I have put my heart in the ring among others.

My intent to contest is solely to compete ideas and NOT to compete with any member of my party”. Hon. Ricketts Hagan had emphasize.

Hon. Hagan, in the statement also expressed gratitude to all members of the campaign team and the National Executive Committee for making this opportunity available to us all.

The Way forward for NDC

The Cape Coast South MP in his campaign, had also promised of coming with new ideas and innovative way of doing things to boost the Ghanaian economy, and will the be best  choice for both the NDC and the good people of Ghana who are yearning for the real economic fortunes of this country.

And now, Hon. Ricketts Hagan seems to be the third candidate to officially withdraw from the race after former Kumasi Mayor, Kojo Bonsu, and a lawyer Elikplim Agbemava, who bowed out to support former President John Mahama.

After opting out of the race, the Cape Coast South Legislator has expressed readiness to rally behind that particular candidate they (NDC) all believe is well-marketed and well-resourced to lead them into victory in 2020.



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