School authorities are not always right; Plea of Students should be Considered -Group to Gov’t

A pressure group known as ‘the Citizen forum Ghana’ (CFG), has urged government and other stakeholders to consider the plea of students across the county, and must not always be condemned .

In a statement issued by the Executive Director Paa Clement, and his Executive Secretary Sieh K .Francis, charged authorities not to condemn students outright on what happened at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), but rather give fair grounds to all parties in voicing out what triggered to the chaos.

The statement added that Ghanaians must take time to analyzed the disturbances going on in the school, in the context of the larger oppression of young citizens in the country, An anti youth system has been steadily built and operated in this country, oppression the young ones at every turn.

“When you are a young person, you can not be right and all you must do is to obey instructions from elderly people, just because they are older .

This system contain minimal legitimate avenues for hardworking youth to realize their potential, it is not for nothing that many young citizens wants to leave the country. The statement indicated.

According to the statement, when their right are infringed upon, even seemingly legitimate means of redress are prohibitive.

“It becomes difficult for students to even go to court and fight their case, because the cost involved is unbearable for someone still looking for ways to start life ,this is not an option.

In school, if you are wrongly failed in an exam, you cannot ask for remarking because of the charges involved, and the intimidation you will endure. These are just a couple of examples. They reiterated.

Emphasizing that the generation that has perfected this system is a generation that got almost everything for free , that’s the generation born some where in the 1940s and early 1950s, who have completely messed up the system.

“The generation Spares no effort in labeling us as lazy and will go to every length to demand for respect (In fact reverence) as their entitlement.

A critical step to demolishing this anti-youth system is to call them out for their atrocities against us. Oh my God until the system they have created is crushed, what happened in KNUST last Monday was only a signal of what is to come”. They added.

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