Improving the status quo of broadcasting in Ghana; Earl Ankrah’s Contribution simply Remarkable

Call him a genius, a prodigy or an intellect, Earl Ankrah is all that and more.

Starting out as a young broadcast journalist with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Earl Ankrah set out to challenge the status quo.

He pioneered the first ever breakfast television in Ghana first with Miss Beatrice Aidoo, then Akushika Acquaye and later with his cousin, Jackie Ankrah, daughter of ex Head of State, General Ankrah.

In his journalism days, Earl conducted some of the big interviews in the world with an often witty, Earl stayed and worked with the GBC till the late 90s when he decided to retreat from the front of the camera and go behind the scenes to do hands-on news and programmes production.

He later announced a come-back with a new avant-guard television programme dubbed “EA Live’’, which unfortunately ran for one season only due to its demanding production methods, coupled with Earl’s heavy schedule behind the scenes.

Currently, he is the Head of Public Affairs at the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, (FWSC), the state institution responsible for determining and negotiating salaries of public sector employees in Ghana.

As the government spokesperson on salary issues, he was a major cheerleader of the Government of Ghana Single Spine Pay Policy, a highly sensitive role with its attendant job hazards.

During major labour agitations for higher pay, Earl occasionally comes in the line of fire of some unions, as he swings from media to media house, to rebut misconceptions about the government’s new Single Spine Pay Policy and set the records straight.

He is a product of the National Institute for Labour Economics Research and Development, New Delhi where he read a MA in Human Resource Planning and Development (a macro-level human resource discipline); Graduate School of Management, UK/Accra for a graduate degree in Public Relations; Ghana Institute of Journalism where he obtained a Diploma in Journalism.

Earl Ankrah has conducted some big-ticket interviews in the country. It includes:
Rev Jesse Jackson, USA [Investment & Trade Mission to Sub-Saharan Africa]; Sean Connery [James Bond]; Danny Glover; [“Deadly Voyage”]; “Dr. Who” [BBC Series]; Sepp Blatter, FIFA Ex FIFA President [Ghana 2008].

Although throughout his career, Earl Ankrah has been known to shy away from tense political banter, he has had some pivotal interviews with President J.A. Kufuor, then Vice Pres. John Mahama and other top-level politicians including Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Diplomats.

His interview lists on Ghana Television (GTV) also include African international artistes including Meiway, Manu Dibango, Lucky Dube, Youssor Ndour, Osibisa, Arrow [South American Calypso legend], Godfrey Moloy-RIP [Godfather of Soweto]; Coaches and Players of the national football team, ‘The Black Stars’; Finalists and Crown Bearers of: the Miss Ghana, Miss Universe Ghana and Miss Malaika beauty pageants and pageant winners from around the world.

Earl has an avid interest in Workers’ Rights, Women’s Advancement and Child Rights Advocacy which he pursues with Ghana’s Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

He also champions environmental issues in the areas of renewable energy and waste separation. His solar energy campaign slogan was “Gen-sets Are Extinct. Solar Iz Lit!”

He has won several awards including ECOWAS Center for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Recognition Award; RTV TV Personality of the Year [x2]; Tourism Award [Ministry of Tourism]; and Radio & TV Reviews: TV’s Favorite Face.

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