Unmasked; the “Lady in Wating” on the list of 998 Presidential Staffers at Jubilee House

Ghana is in a state of utter shock after several requests by the Minority in Parliament forcing government to provide the House with the total number of people working in the Flagstaff House (Now Jubilee House) in compliance with Section 11 of the Presidential Office Act, 1993 (Act 463), which requires the President to submit annually to Parliament, a report on the staffing position of the Office of the President.

It turned out that a whooping 998 persons are on government’s payroll as Presidential staffers in a document presented to Parliament in heeding to the unceasing pressures from the Minority.

Ghana today has the largest government appointees in the entire world with 110 ministers, 478 CEO, 598 Deputy CEOs.

These outrageous 998 idle staffers who are only duplicating functions are just those employed at the Jubilee House.

These 998 people are all entitled to not less than GH¢12,000(least) as monthly salaries, GH¢34,000(least) as allowance per month, free fuel, One chauffeur vehicle, at least one salon car and a complete, well furnished apartment and many others.

All these are at the expense of you and I who are the tax payers.

These outrageous 998 idle staffers are just those employed at the Flagstaff House excluding those employed by the various Ministries, MMDAs and agencies.

A Netherland friend upon reading the news angrily said “Ghana must be sick”

The most annoying part of all the appointments is that of “the lady in waiting”

The traffic on social Media became CHOKED when everyone got to hear of the appointment of a lady, number 212 on the list as the “LADY IN WAITING” in the office of the President.

I was very much confused and decided to google to know what actually the lady in waiting means.

Upon my Google search this was the result the internet gave me:

“In other parts of the world outside Europe, the lady-in-waiting, often referred to as palace woman, was often in practice a servant or a slave rather than a high-ranking woman, but still had about the same tasks, functioning as companion and secretary to her mistress.

In courts where polygamy was practiced, a court lady or lady in waiting was formally available to the monarch for sexual services, and she could become his wife or concubine”.

Emphasis on available to the monarchs for sexual services.

My body temperature kept rising upon finding this out this because the “Lady In Waiting” I want to unveil would clearly take up the responsibility of offering sex.

Now the questions begging for answers are:
1.Who is she offering sex to?
2.What is her name doing on the Presidential staffers list number 212.
3.Is she paid with my tax, your tax and the tax of the poor cocoa farmer in Sehwi and the maize farmer in Sandema?
4.Is this the reason why we can’t find anything our monies are being used for since January 7, 2017?

This immoral act is what should’ve made our president outrage instead of turning his anger on us because we spoke against his decision to sell our sovereignty for $20million dollars.

How can our dams be built while our monies are used to pay sex workers?
How can the beautiful dream of every district having a factory be realized if our loans are been spent on ladies in waiting?

Our country men and women are dying on our roads because of the bad nature of our roads while our taxes are spent on ladies in waiting.

How can Ghana go beyond aid if our students are sleeping on verandas, our hospitals are choked, our roads very bad, higher taxes, our youth largely unemployed, some of our medical officers killing our babies because of GH¢500 cedis and many serious challenges confronting us as a country while our monies are lavishly spent on ladies in waiting.

Ghana is indeed bleeding because things are now out of hands.

CHANGE is possible in 2020 but only a matter of time.

Iam A Citizen And Not A Spectator.


By: Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

About (1280 Articles) is run by a network of politically non-aligned and progressive Ghanaian citizen Journalists, who are committed to affecting positive change, promoting national development and improving information access.

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