Multifaceted Approach Must be Adopted in the Fight Against Teenage Pregnancy-Hon. Jocelyn Tetteh

The Member of Parliament for North Deyi Constituency Hon. Jocelyn Tetteh, in a statement on the Floor of the House, drew the attention of the whole nation to the fact that “we must as a country, begin to educate our youth on sex”, adding that the efforts aimed at achieving significant success in the fight against teenage pregnancy can only be effective if a multi-faceted approach is adopted.

She said parents, teachers, Queen mothers, religious leaders and all stakeholders have their individual roles to play in the fight against the social menace.

According to her, Ghana has over 50% of her population below the age of 35 years, and instead of this being a blessing to the nation, it rather has become a curse due to various factors including poverty unemployment and the increasing rate of teenage pregnancy.

She added that this problem presents an urgent call and has the potential of derailing the development effort of the nation if not addressed.

She further advised that, as the nation looks for innovative solutions to this problems, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is very important to ensure that pregnant girls are put back to school after delivery, so that they do not become further liabilities to the nation.

The Member for Adaklu Constituency, Hon. Kwame Agbodza Govins on his part, indicated that our birth rate as a country is approaching the level that is scaringly being unsustainable, if we consider it as a ratio to the country’s economic resources, hence the importance to address all factors that contribute to it.

He advised the young guys not to consider their natural build to engage in uncontrolled child bearing, a case corroborated by Sampson Ahi, Member for Bodi.


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