Introduce Our Kids to the Use of Condoms-Hon. Felicia Adjei

Hon. Felicia Adjei, Member of Parliament for Kintampo South, has made a strong call for the introduction of condoms to Ghanaian kids, as a means of minimizing the menace of teenage pregnancy which has bedeviled the social fiber of the country.

She indicated that, the problem of teenage pregnancy has assumed an alarming rate to the point of near uncontrollability, hence the call to all stakeholders including teachers, parents, religious leaders, traditional rulers and the general public to start introducing and allowing kids to carry condoms to schools and public places.

“the truth hurts, but for me, we have to introduce condoms to our kids; and it is very important”. She reiterated.

contributing to the statement made by the Member of Parliament for North Dayi Constituency, Hon. Joycelyn Tetteh on the issue of teenage pregnancy, the South Kintampo law maker indicated that most of the young girls and boys are exposed to sex at a very tender age, and have strong urge to try it, as a result of which they are tempted to engage in same.

Adding that, she very well believes in salvation because she is a Christian, but “you go to church and they preach about salvation and a lot of things, and forget about the fact that we have an equally important problem for which we must confront”.

“If you ask most of the girls about reason why they have boyfriends, they answer by saying “my friend’s boyfriend bought her a mobile phone, so I also want some”. She emphasized.

Indicating that there are times children have to walk long distance to get to particular destinations, and that alone exposes them to these dangers, making them vulnerable to men.

She therefore called on the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to allow the kids carry with them condoms, and also educate them on it and sex generally.

To parents, she also called on them to educate their kids on the use of condoms and to allow them carry it to public places and places they visit.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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