Carlos Ahenkorah Vouch to assist Nana Addo; as he attributes Victory to NPP


The newly elect, Member of Parliament for the Tema West Constituency Mr. Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah has acknowledged the nod given to him by the New Patriotic Party and his constituents to represent them in Parliament, attributing his elections’ victory to the party that he represents (NPP).

“I might have not win elections to become an MP today, if not for the party I represent”. Ghanaians love and respect for NPP is simply awe-inspiring and that I believe has influenced my status today as MP elect for Tema West, as I celebrate my victory”. Honourable Ahenkorah disclosed this in an interview with Newslinegh at his residence in Sakumono, Accra

“The rationale behind my victory was all the doings of God, looking at the vote margin my constituency had in 2012 between the NPP and the NDC which was just 945, and this time in 2016, we had over 14,000surge of the vote margin against my contender.

My enormous victory was achieved on three major bases, which is the favor of God, the trust and love Tema West has in me and the party I represent, as well as the fact that Ghanaians were tired and was thirsty for a change”. He revealed.

According to him, he first promised his constituents of 5000 difference in the vote margin, but the people of Tema West assured him of a 10,000votes differences, where he told the media to mark that figure somewhere and promised of ensuring that figure is achieved at the end of the election, but God in his favor, instead of 10,000votes differences, graced him almost 15,000 of votes margin.

Ghanaian voters of today, He said, are very discerning and really know what they want. They didn’t just vote for money, personality or height, but voted immensely for candidates they believe will have something better to offer.

Candidates with potentials and credentials who hold the progress of the country at heart, and obviously Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah and the NPP has proven to be worthy of.

“The NDC were only campaigning on visuals, yet Ghanaians realized it was all a lies to trick them into retaining them in governance. Though the NDC gave them an act of feasibility, Nana Addo and the NPP gave Ghanaians hope and they opted for hope which shows how discerning Ghanaians are”. He emphasized.

“We the MP’s representing the party in this Metropolis have to ensure that we intercede for Nana Addo in ensuring the well-being of our people, because Nana in charge of a whole nation cannot solely reach out to all the 25million people in the country”.

“If he has any resources for the country, he has 275 constituencies to decide where and where it has to go and I can tell you that, some part of these constituency needs more of these resources than some other parts, so if we all sit and wait for Nana Addo to come and provide us with all these resources, that will be a great disappointment on our parts as representatives”. Hon. Ahenkorah stated.

“If you could remember, I bought medical equipments which amounts to about $110,000 dollars to the Tema General Hospital and Tema Poly Clinic, which was donated even when I was never a Member of Parliament and have also shared over Fifteen Thousand textbooks to all the schools in Tema West from class 4 to JHS, all of my own resources and that should tell you I am willing to help my President and the NPP, achieve our dreams of providing Ghanaians with a flexible and good governance full of hope and bliss for the good people of Ghana”.

“We the Member of Parliament of the Tema Metropolis are all capable of running our own affairs to assist our leader and President to run the affairs of the country. We are all better-off before vying for this position as Member of Parliament, so I believe we all has what it takes to assist the people of Tema without shifting all responsibilities to our President elect”. He reiterated.

With regards to our development plan of issuing out One Million Dollar for every Constituency in every year, He said, if Tema West is to receive this $1million dollar every year, Ghanaians will be a witness to the development in my constituency, as well as Tema as whole.

Though our major problem has always been drainage and sewage, which we are looking for ways and means to solve that issue and we will definitely do it in the name of Nana Addo and the NPP. He added.

By: Blessing Roselyn Boateng


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