Don’t be too Crafty with God- Pastor charges Christians

Head Pastor of Reigners Palace Chapel, Prof. Dr. Edwin Essien has charged Christians to desist from playing games with God, since the rod with which they honour him, is the same He will measure them with.

He intimated that if one played ‘hide – and – seek’ with God, He would do same to the fellow, hence It’s therefore important that one placed God at the topmost of his priority, so that God would reciprocate his gestures.

Prof. Essien gave this advice in a moving sermon at the auditorium of the church at Tantra Hill in Accra last Sunday, August 8, 2021.


According to the Prophet, honour is important. As a result, God cherishes it most.

“The more you honour God, the more He honours you, as contained in the Biblical admonition, ‘If you honour me, I will also honour you’”, he stressed.

According to him, because of the importance of honour, whoever departed from it, was bound for destruction. “If your life is full of dishonor, you are bound towards destruction”, he said.

Prof. Essien pointed out that honouring God should not come from one’s mouth only, but in diverse ways.


The Prophet charged Christians to endeavour to honour God with their time. In this respect, they should not wait until they are in trouble before running to God.

He wondered whether the church, and for that matter, God should be the sufferer of people’s predicament, when they waste their time doing their own thing till trouble pounced on them.

He was at a loss as to why people should not get enough time even with the little time they spend in church.

He noted that even within that short period, people would be seen listening to phone calls, chatting on them, etc, when after that short period in church, one had all the time at his disposal. This he buttressed with Psalms 31:15.


Prophet Essien also charged Christians to honour God with their body, heart and mind, especially when they are in church. This, they should do by dancing profusely to the praise of God while in church.

He was quick to point out that because of divided attention, some worshippers would even postpone their fight to take it on after church.

He intimated that honouring God also meant walking in fear of him. As such, one should first run to God in all circumstances.

Citing Proverbs 3:9, Prof. Essien charged Christians to serve and honour God with their substance as well. This, they should do through their wealth, by way of tithe and financial assistance to God’s work and humanity.

The Prophet also urged Christians to honour their fellow human beings, especially their customers in diverse ways. He maintained that customers are not dafts just for use, but also deserve honour and respect.

Prophet Essien noted that mankind lived a very dangerous times that seemed to have taken away common respect. This trend, he intimated must be revisited.

He was quick to point out that some time back in Ghana, people would greet the elderly with “Please!” Sadly enough, all these had vanished into thin air.

He stressed on the need to revive such good traits and virtues.

Prophet Edwin Essien also advised Christians to first honour God in times of trouble.

He argued that in all things, one should first consult God, by citing John 14:21.

He further advised Christians against using temporary situations to decide for permanent situations; Also, they should not make decisions out of frustration or excitement; They should also respect prophecy via prayers and obedience to, and reliance on God, since every demand on one by God, requires a duty from Him.

Prophet Edwin Essien is ably assisted in his ministerial work by his loving and helping wife, Pastor Mrs. Grace Essien.


Source: S. O. Ankamah/


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