Central Region Receives Massive Road Projects

An avalanche of road projects have been initiated by the Central Regional office of the Ghana Highways Authority, as part of fulfilling the infrastructural enhancement promise of the New Patriotic Party government.

Over forty (40) different projects at various stages have been initiated by the Highways in the central and some parts of Eastern regions.

Speaking in exclusive interview with, the Central Regional Highway Director, Mr. Samuel K. Akuaku, indicated that all contracts awarded include yearly periodic routine maintenance and reshaping contracts, Syno-Hydro projects, contracts for upgrading and entirely new contracts.

Projects awarded for reconstruction and upgrading of selected trunk roads in the Central region includes 8km Assin Fosu Twifo Praso road, 15km Brofoyedur Akenkensu road, Nsuta Town roads, Asebu Town roads, Abura Dunkwa Town Roads and 17km Assin Manso Ajumako.

Other projects awarded include, resealing of 36km Cape Coast Twifo Praso Road, rehabilitation of 2.3km Winneba Senior School Campus roads, resealing of Lot1 41km Cape Coast Twifo Praso (6km awarded), 41km Lot2 Cape Coast Twifo Praso Roads (6km awarded), 41km Lot3 Cape Coast – Twifo Praso (6km awarded) and 41km Lot4 Cape Coast Twifo Praso road (6km awarded).

Unpaved roads awarded includes, regravelling of Atieku Saponso Agyempomaa Road (5km), regraveling of 5km – 10km Ateiku Saponso Agyempomaa Road, regraveling of Dunkwa Opokukrom Nkotomso Road 5km and regravelling of 5km Dunkwa Opokukrom Nkotomso Road.

On-going contracts include 10km upgrading of Amanful (Mensahkrom) Nyankrom Nkum road, at 84% completion, upgrading of 15km Assin Nyankumasi Senchiem Road (59% completion), upgrading of 20km Dunkwa Twifo Praso Assin Fosu Road (100% completion), upgrading of 8% Dunkwa Ayanfuri road (74% complete).

Other projects include upgrading of 14km Dunkwa Mankrong Jn Mepong Road (39% progress), Partial Reconstruction of 12% Amanful Nyankrom Odobem Breman Asikuma Road (44% progress), Upgrading of 20km Twifo Praso Assin Fosu Road (50km), upgrading of 21km Dunkwa Awisam Road (26.14% completion), resealing and Partial reconstruction of 20km Ajumako Breman Asikuma Road (1% progress) and two other ones.

In all, ten (10) other projects involving 287.3km stretch of roads are under consideration at various levels.

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