Akuffo Addo’s endorsement by Assembly Members, USD 100million deal with Rockefeller is all a fallacy-AMA

Alfred Oko Vanderpuije- Accra Mayor

Concerned Assemble Members of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly led by Lawyer Leslie Anim has rubbished all claims of a press statement issued by some Members of the assembly on the 4th October 2016 with a caption “Over 70% of Assembly members in the Greater Accra region endorse Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo”, describing it as fabricated lies and misleading notions and therefore disassociate themselves

Our attention has also been drawn to a false statement circulating on various platforms that the Rockefeller Foundation has given the Accra Metropolitan Assembly One Hundred Million Dollars (USD 100,000,000), that the said amount has been misappropriated by the Chief Executive, which is all a myth

Concerned Assembly members of the AMA, addressing the press to canter the fabricated statement issued last week about an endorsement of a particular candidate

Concerned Assembly members of the AMA, addressing the press to canter the fabricated statement issued last week about an endorsement of a particular candidate

According to the Chairman of Justice and Security, Sub-Communication of AMA and Assembly Member for New Mamprobi, Lawyer Leslie Anim, the assembly wish to emphatically state that the said statement is fake and a calculated attempt by certain miscreants just to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the Accra Mayor Hon. Alfred Oko Vanderpuijie

“The Rockefeller Foundation revealed from research that by the year 2050, approximately 70% of the world will live in cities and as the world’s population becomes increasingly concentrated in urban areas, the economic impacts, complexity and devastation of manmade threats will continue to rise and there was the need for cities to prepare for and also respond to these challenges

And due to that, a city partnership was formed to corporate, share ideas, experience and source for funds to build the necessary resilience to combat the challenges cities are likely to face in the near future” he revealed.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly, He said, applied to become one of the pioneering members of the 100 resilient cites.  Through the illustrious efforts of the Accra Mayor Hon. Oko Vanderpuijie, Accra met all the needed criteria and was made member of the pioneering members of the 100 Resilient Cites Initiatives.

Lawyer Anim stated that, the Rockefeller Foundation has not given the Accra Metropolitan Assembly One Hundred Million Dollars in cash and therefore challenge anyone who has evidence of the grant of such an amount to prove otherwise

That the agreement with Rockefeller Foundation does not include or anticipate the grant of One Hundred Million Dollars or any such amount to the AMA

The agreements with Rockefeller foundation is a strategic partnership to ensure that, Accra builds the necessary capacity to survive adopt and grow no matter what acute shocks and chronic stresses the city experiences. He emphasized.

img_20161006_103247_105Reiterating that, the AMA has not received any grant with respect to the Conti Project from the Exim Bank and challenges anyone with evidence to the contrary to prove same and expects anyone in need of any information or clarification to seek same from the AMA and not to engage in speculations.

“Our colleagues do not understand or appreciate their role as assembly members and have allowed themselves to be used as pawns by certain political agents and also, have failed their respective electorates by failing to rise above partisan politics and seeking to give the power their electorates have bestowed on them, back to the central government”. He added

He therefore entreats all assembly members to unite and rally behind Hon. Vanderpuijie to ensure that Accra which has taken a leap in its developmental agenda will continue on that path and not derailed by partisan politics.

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