19th October,2016.

As the President of the Republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama is seeking the mandate of the good people of Ghana, for his re-election, On the Tuesday the 18th October 2016, together with his NDC had a mini rally at the Nkwanta JHS ‘A’ Park.

For every democratic practicing country, there is the need to ensure a ‘Free & Fair’ elections before, during and after the polls. With regards to the ‘Freedom’ before the polling day, there should be much emphasis on universal suffrage whilst the ‘Fairness’ has to do with absence of state resources for campaign purposes.

The aforementioned conditions has been undermined by the NDC government and President Mahama as they seem to virtually declare indirect public holiday for schools and state institutions just to canvas for crowd for their political benefit.

However it is very pathetic and undemocratic for a ruling party to withhold the official hours of state institutions to score cheap political point, especially a government that claims to be changing the life of people and transforming Ghana.

The use of state vehicles to convey party faithfuls and students to the durbar grounds is clear that the government is Abusing Incumbency. These act of hegemony has a direct impact on the educational futunes of the future leaders of Nkwanta South.

It is very Prudent enough for all political parties whether ruling or opposition to desist from coercion and allow the electorates to have the zeal of freedom of association.

In as much as we hold the view that ‘Freedom’ is a precondition for effective democracy, it must be accorded the priority so as to ensure a transparent and credible elections.

The question that must be explained to the good people of Nkwanta is that, will this opportunity be offered to other opposition political parties?

If yes; then the future of students in the Nkwanta South district is at stake since much of the precious time which could have been used to acquire Knowledge will be virtually be wasted.

If No; then the element of democracy ‘Freedom & Fairness’ is not applicable in our electoral process.
Say No to Abuse of incumbency.

Long live Nkwanta South.
Long live Ghana.
Long live Npp 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

Nana B3ba.

Felix Owusu-Gyimah(Asonaba) (Convener)

Isaac Nkrumah(SIR ZIBO)
Dep. Volta regional Tescon Coordinator

Asata Gabriel
Dep Youth org. Nkwanta South Npp.

Eric Anane
Com. Team member Nkwanta South.

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