2 Division Officers Commended for Ensuring Peace

The Chief of Gbawe Sakumona (Mallam Junction and its environs) Seintse Nii Boye I, has commended the two Police commanders at the Odorkor Division, for ensuring peace and tranquility in their jurisdictions – Gbawe-Mallam, Anyaa, Ablekuma etc.

He noted that since they assumed office recently, landguardism, stealing, chaos and others criminal activities have been brought to the minimal.

He indicated that, if all police officers worked with such zeal, crime will be minimized and the society would be enjoyable to live in.

These officers in question are the Odorkor Divisional and District Headquarters Commanders Chief Superintendent Rev. John Opoku (Division) and Superintendent Antony Dogbey (District).

Disclosing this in an interview, Nii Boye, pointed out that because of the vigilance of these officers and their men, crime waves which had hitherto been the bane of these areas have come down considerably and the people are now living in absolute peace and tranquility.

While urging them to continue with their good works, he also charged residents in these areas to be on the guard and cooperate with the police to fight crime for their own good and that of the society in general.

Check Your Land Documents Well

Nii Boye, also charged prospective land buyers to endeavour to check well their land document in order to avoid double sales and purchase of land.

According to him, land sellers normally indulge in double sales that bring headache to the Police, Court and chiefs.

He noted that documents on lands at particular places could be used for the double sale of lands elsewhere.

It is against this background that it is necessary for prospective land buyers to cross check from the land commission and its survey department, the authenticity of lands bought before proceeding to develop them.

Also they should check with the palaces if such sold lands are not earmarked for developmental projects.

According to the Chief, since land is now in extinction, land sellers use all fraudulent means to sell lands to desperate prospective land buyers.

This, he noted, often comes with lots of problems for all.

Nii Boye, maintained that if even the seller of a land claims that he is selling a land on which he has built a house, the prospective buyer should check properly from all allied institutions before going ahead into its purchase.

“This way, the issue of double sales, ‘landguardism’ chaos and animosity associated with land sales in these afore-mentioned areas in particular and Accra in general will be minimized, if not removed completely.
All the same, I will continue to implore Police officers to endeavor to live up to expectation so as to enable all to live in peace and tranquility!” he admonished.

Source: S.O. Ankamah/


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