666 IS NOT DEMONIC – Declares Apostle Amoako – Attah

The Founder, Leader and General Overseer of Parliament Chapel, Apostle Francis Amoako-Attah, has declared that the number ‘666’ is not that demonic as we are made to perceive and understand it.

He stated that it is a human system, and has been in existence since Solomon’s time, and that Peter, Paul and even Jesus Christ all knew about it and never condemned it.

“So why should it appear demonic in our time? If Jesus knew it was that demonic, would he have hidden it from his people?” he asked rhetorically.

Apostle Amoako-Attah made this declaration to this medium in an exclusive interview in his office at Odorkor Official Town last Wednesday.

According to the Apostle, ‘666’ first appeared in Solomon’s time after displaying his gold and they measured over 666 kg.

The erudite Apostle indicated that ‘666’ stands for Wealth, Health and Happiness.

“Can you imagine why and how King Solomon was able to marry as many as Thousand (1,000) wives? The man was so wealthy, healthy and very happy, thus enjoying life more than anybody in his life time, hence this feat!”, he said, beaming with a smile.


Apostle Amoako-Attah pointed out that the misconception on ‘666’ had come about as a result of the numerous ignorant pastors in the system, who see everything new in the system as ‘666’.

“When aeroplanes first came, it was ‘666’! Iron flying in the air to reach God! That’s demonic! President Kennedy of the U.S came, and he was ‘666’ because he was bald – headed. Every Pope is ‘666’! Why this? The COVID-19 vaccine too is ‘666’? haba!” he exclaimed!

Apostle Amoako-Attah, postulated that the bad name and placement of Christianity in the country stems from ignorant pastors who refuse to learn, leading everybody astray with their ignorance!

According to him, ‘666’ is a human system, a code, which involves buying and selling.

He pointed out that this code is on all items produced for buying and selling, citing the codes on a bottle of hand sanitizer in his office.

He however maintained that one sees ‘666’, depending on where the one stands. But as far as he knows, it is a human system that involves buying and selling, devoid of any demonic, devilish and satanic tendencies as the numerous ignorant pastors out there had painted the picture.

He indicated that when John lifted the topic, he was emphatic that “This is where all wisdom and wealth belong”. In this regard therefore, it needs intellectually-minded people to understand and explain the term ‘666’!” he stressed.


Touching on the Beast, Apsotle Amoako-Attah pointed out that, “Beast” simply means empire.

Saying, that was what Daniel talked about when he said he saw four (4) beasts, meaning four kingdoms. He mentioned that these kingdoms ranged from the Egyptian through the Persian to the Roman empires.


Still on Beast, Apostle Amoako – Attah noted that the symbol for Britain is lion, which is a beast. That of America is the Eagle, also a beast.

He pointed out that Britain, with her “lionic” strength nearly ruled the whole world, thus forming her empire “The British Empire” (the Common-wealth).

He further noted that in this regard, Britain colonized America too. However, when America gained her independence, she got the wings of the Eagle and soared high above her colonial master, Britain.


Apostle Amoako-Attah was quick to point that Ghana, like America, also has the Eagle as a symbol in her Coat of Arms, and that after gaining independence from her colonial master, Britain, she (Ghana) also soared high.

He stated that because of this same symbolic eagles, whatever happens in America has direct influence on and in Ghana. For instance, Americans Presidents like George Bush and Obama visiting Ghana.


12/12: Apostle Amoako-Attah, who also has expertise in numerology was full of praise for the Ashanti King, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II for launching his icon on 12/12/21.

He noted that this was simply prophetic, describing him as a seer. This is because, it was on this same 12/12 that King Solomon displayed his wealth – Gold.

So for the Ashanti King to launch his icon on 12/12, is just prophetic. The Apostle indicated that it was not for nothing that the Ashantis refer to him as King Solomon.

“In fact, he is a gift for the Ashanti Kingdom!”, he stressed. According to the Apostle, Otumfuor is moving the Ashanti Kingdom into a new paradigm in this 21st Century via rediscovery and re-fination.

“The King is going to redefine and re-discover the Ashanti Kingdom, over 352 years after the first Otumfuor Osei Tutu I had established the Ashanti Kingdom. He is moving the Ashanti Kingdom to a new level!”, he emphasized.

While calling for unflinching support for King Solomon, Osei Tutu II, Apostle Amoako-Attah asked all Ashantis to support him to enable him achieve this feat.

Numerologist expert, Apostle Amoako-Attah indicated that the launch of his icon on 12/12, was just prophetic and historic.

He indicated that whereas the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth launched hers on 9/9, Seer Osei Tutu II launched his on 12/12, thus, making his stronger and weightier than that of the Queen.

He maintained that the Otumfuor has more insight spiritually than most of the numerous ignorant pastors parading around.

Story: S. O. Ankamah/www


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