Parliament-MP breaks Jinx in Mute Syndrome

Whereas a number of Members of Parliament (MPs) enter Parliament with tight lips normally referred to as “Mute MPs”, thereby making few or no contributions during their tenure in Parliament, Hon. Joseph Kwame Kumah, representative of the people of Kintampo North, has proved otherwise.

Being in Parliament for barely seven months, Hon. Kumah has not only announced his presence, but has also proved that “He dey for his people”.

This, he has done through questions, contributions and statements on burning issues affecting his people.

Starting with, Hon. Kumah fired the first salve when he questioned the interior minister when relief items would be distributed to victims of rainstorms that occurred in March and April, 2021 in some communities in his constituency including the Kintampo township, Babatakuma, Kadelso, Tahirukura, Jatokura, Portor and Bankrom.

To this, the Minister replied that NADMO had confirmed it received confirmation from the Ministry of Finance on 7th July, 2021 to procure relief items for the affected victims in those affected communities.

Not resting on his oars in his concern about the plight of his affected constituents, Hon. Kumah, also interacted with the media thereafter, throwing more light on his constituents’ despicable fight with passion.

The Hon. Kumah on July 27, 2021 also questioned the Minister of Health what plans he has to upgrade the Kintampo Municipal Hospital into a Teaching Hospital.

In his answer, the Minister indicated that a committee is to come out with a report in this regard within two months.

Probing further, the MP, with impetus sought to know from the Minister if he could consider establishing an emergency accident centre at the Hospital, following the numerous accidents that occur on that stretch of road, which he referred to as an ECOWAS Road leading to neighbouring countries. To this, the Minister said the committee’s report will indicate.

According to Hon. Kumah, considering the rampant and perennial accidents that go on on that ECOWAS road, it was only proper that a trauma and accident centre be established at the Kintampo Hospital.

NO Time To Die”

Being so passionate and enthusiastic about the establishment of the Emergency Accident Centre to save lives emanating from accidents, the energetic MP appealed to NGOs, embassies, philanthropist and well-meaning Ghanaians to help establish the centre.

Hon. Kumah argued that if such a trauma and accident centre were in place, many lives could have been saved, accidents notwithstanding.

MP describes Kintampo as the Centre of the World 

Though fighting for his people has been his pre-occupation in Parliament, Hon. Joseph Kumah also seems to be obsessed with the positioning of his Constituency capital, Kintampo, which he proudly refers to as “Centre of the Universe”.

It is against this background that he demanded so much for that Constituency, we gathered.

According to the MP, by current developments in governance, certain projects for the newly created regions are to be spread to other parts of the region.

So in the Bono East region, while the Regional Administration is located in Kintampo, Nkuranza could be penciled for the Regional Hospital.

Nevertheless, with the aforementioned spate of accidents and subsequent loss of lives on the ECOWAS Road, no place could be better than Kintampo, Centre of the Universe! He exclaims.

Firing from all angles on behalf of his people, Hon. Kumah also quizzed the Minister for Roads and Highway when certain roads awarded in 2015/2016 (long before he became MP) would be completed. These are, (1) Kintampo Municipal Township, Sronase – Busuama and Ntankuro – Kunsu.

The probing MP, once more quizzed the Minister for Food and Agriculture the status of the proposed cattle grazing parks in the Kintampo North Municipality.

To this, the Minister indicated that the Municipality is among four others selected to benefit from four pilot projects for the development of grazing reserves and corridor systems for peaceful transhumance practice in the country.

The Minister indicated that among a six-point study outcome of the technical team in charge of this programme included the area delineated for the grazing reserve and cost involved.

Expatiating, the Minister hinted that the grazing area bordered the Black Volta to the North and west, and covered an area of about 100,000 ha (247,105 ac), which perimeter an approximately 150km.

On cost, the Minister stated that the development of the grazing reserve, corridor and service facilities are estimated to cost Seven Million and Two Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢7,200,000.00).

He said the carrying capacity for the reserve is 153,600 cattle for 121 days (December to March).

Speaking on the amount, the outspoken MP described it as a meagre.

According to him, a previous programme which saw the Canadian authorities here, never materialized.

He assured his constituents that this time round, he will make doubly sure that things come to fruition.


Having spent barely seven months in Parliament, Hon. Joseph Kwame Kumah’s performance indicates that he has lived above expectation in obeyance and service to his very constituents, and even beyond, who sent him to Parliament.

His contributions, by way of statements, questions, contributions, etc, are primarily centred around his very constituents and constituency (Centre of the Universe) which he proudly presents.

And with his affability, alacrity, enthusiasm and alertness to duty, Hon. Joseph Kwame Kumah aka Hon. Jokala is bound to go places with his firm conviction to represent his constituents and constituency in Parliament.

With all things being equal and not being carried away by events (popularity), and his close links with the press, he is bound for a great future as a politician.

Our observation is that, with his short stay in Parliament, he has fast become the toast of his leadership, the Speakership (as his statements, questions, etc. meet prompt response) and the press.

Source: S. O. Ankamah
& Bess Ankamah/


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