Speaker Advices Journalists to Specialise in Specific Areas of Reporting

The Speaker Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye, in an interaction with the Parliamentary Press Corps (PPC) has advised Journalists to identify areas of specialisation, to be able to effectively report at the committee level, since committees meetings will soon be made public to the Corps.

According to the Speaker, showing interest in specific fields and mastering them for that matter, brings professionalism to the work of Journalists and also helps to boost confidence in their delivering of reports.

“In Ghana, we have been too lax and skewed on the topics we discuss on the radio, television and the newspapers, especially the radio.
And even commentators do not approach the subjects before them with all the diligence and sometimes you wonder whether the person making such commentary actually knows what he’s about”.

Speaker Aaron Mike Oquaye, made this appeal in his remarks at the 1st Parliamentary Press Corps Reporting Wards, which was under the theme “The Parliamentary Reporter as an effective link in promoting a peaceful Democratic Elections”.

He said nobody can be a master of all aspects, that’s why it is important for every Journalist to specialise in a particular area to assist in an excellent delivery and also aid in reporting them accurately.

He pointed out that follow up questions or teasers, can pull appropriate answers, but if the reporter is not a master of the subject, he cannot pull up teasers.

The Speaker, reiterated that Information is very important, that’s why Journalists should know the dynamics of particular aspects of life, in order to be able to convey them effectively.

“When a person develops knowledge on sports, it allows him or her to comment effectively and the moment you read, you will realize that this is a person who is vest in the dynamics of football”. He added.

In the developed nations, He cited, experts and university Professors are called to comment when issues arise, and they’re also guided by other intellectuals.

Prof. Mike Oquaye, emphasized on the need for Journalists to be able to direct comments and misinformation from their respective political commentators, by pointing out to them that “what you’re saying here is factually incorrect, for an objective and insightful analysis.

Wrong informations during elections have caused civil wars in some parts of the world, including Africa. If you don’t know the rules of elections, how can you report on it? He added.

He however, urged Journalists who intend to cover this year’s elections to look for copies of all the legislative Instruments (LIs) on elections, its rules and regulations, so that they can go through them, digest them, analyse them and also form opinions on them in order to be more equipped for elections coverage.

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