Minority calls for the Screening of Chinese in Ghana; As they give Gov’t 3-days to Evacuate Nationals in China

Ensuring the safety of Ghanaians in relation to the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, the Minority in Parliament is calling for a thorough  screening of all Chinese residents in Ghana, and also issued a 3-day ultimatum to the Akufo-Addo led government to evacuate Ghanaian nationals, especially students in China.

According to them, Ghana has the capacity to evacuate these nationals and students from China, especially, those trapped in Wuhan where the coronavirus originated.

This was convened in a press interaction by the Minority members on both Committees of Health and Foreign Affairs, to address the outbreak of Coronavirus which has taken over China, and to also suggest a lasting solution for Ghana.

Member of Parliament for the North Tongu Constituency and Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, who addressed the media on behalf of the Minority, said records of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Chinese authorities indicate that, 1,016 people have been confirmed dead, whiles 43,090 people are already infested with the coronavirus.

Hon. Ablakwa, indicated that even the United States of America (USA), is now having a second round evacuation of their nationals, and wondered why the Ghana government is not making any effort to address the issue.

Emphasising on African countries that have managed to evacuate their nationals successfully, he reiterated that, even Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania, Kenya, Mauritius, Tunisia, Seashells, as well as Libya, have all evacuated their nationals from China as a result of this coronavirus outbreak.

“We all know the challenges in some of these countries including the Libya, where there’s some instability and we’re all supporting the efforts of the International community to restore stability and democracy in that country. And yet they have been able to mobilise and evacuate their nationals. What is GHANA waiting for?”. The Minority questions the government.

To support their argument, the North Tongu Legislator cited the Civil War that occurred in Libya 9-years ago, stating Ghana’s role and efforts made to evacuate her nationals at that specific time.

He said Ghana was able to evacuate her nationals who were more than a thousand back to Ghana.

They are therefore calling on the government to immediately evacuate every Ghanaian student in China, especially from the Asian nations to a lesser prone area in order to save them from getting affected by the virus.

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