‘Rethink, Do the Needful’- Ghanaians slam Parliament over 450-seater Chamber Construction

A cross section of Ghanaians have registered displeasure on the proposed construction of the 450-seater Parliamentary Chamber block, asking Parliament to reconsider its decision and do the Needful, as they describe the move as a misplaced priority.

“Parliament must be focused to execute what is necessary to the betterment of the citizenry, and the country as whole”. They emphasized.

They however, accused Members of Parliament for thinking solely about the welfare of their families, isolating the ordinary Ghanaian.

According to them, they sent these MP’s to Parliament to make decisions on their behalf, represent them and fight for their needs in order to relief them of hardship, and not to worsen the economic situation of the country.

The Parliamentary Service Board has already received the architectural model for the new chamber from renowned Ghanaian architect David Frank Adjaye, the same designer of the National Cathedral.

Mr. Frank Adjaye walked the leaders and Members of the house  through the new design at a meeting on Friday, 28 June 2019.

“We’ve been given the direction to start sometime this year. If we are able to start this year, it can be completed within the next three years”, Mr. Adjaye disclosed.

Adding that “We’re removing the Parliamentary chamber to a new chamber and refurbishing the old parliament to be another conference facility for Parliament”

The chamber will come with a Chapel, Mosque, Restaurant, and a Museum.

Ghana’s legislature which comprises of 275 Members of Parliament, is expected to move into a 450-seater Chamber, with an estimate of $200 million.

Registering their displeasure to NEWSLINEGH.COM, on the avenues of the Ashanti Regional capital,  Kumasi, some fumed Ghanaians described the plan to build 450-seater chamber for Parliament as needless.

Below Are Some Of The Public Reactions

  • Our MPs do not think about us and it is time we use our thumb to punish and pay them back. First of all, it is useless idea.
  •  Building a new chamber will not put food and money into the pockets of citizens, therefore it is of no need to make it a priority.
  • New chamber is not a priority other than rectifying economic challenges in the country.

Source: Editor/Bismark Dankwah/


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