Police Beat Journalists to Plop; As Victim Narrates Their Ordeal

It is evident that brutalities of Journalists in Ghana by our security operatives will not seize anytime soon,  as three Journalists from the Ghanaian Times Newspaper faced another inhumane torture in the hands of the police and military personnel.

Malik Sullemana, who was part of the three (3) Journalists assaulted by the police, gives a vivid account to what ensued between them before being brutalized.

Malik Sullemana Accounts…

A policeman riding on an unregistered motorbike hit Ghanaian Times’ vehicle in the morning at about 8:45am and sped off.

The policeman jumped traffick but while negotiating his way out, his motor hit the bumber of the Nissan saloon car and broke the mirror and windscreen of the car.

A pillion motor rider who was just behind the policeman and saw what happened tried to stop him, but the policeman rode on.

The Times driver chased and managed to block the policeman around Kinbu, few metres away the accident scene.

I got off the vehicle and started videotaping. But while videoing, the said policeman attempted to snatch my phone but he was unsuccessful.

Angered by the development, the policeman punched my face, and blood gushed out in my nostril.
As if that was not enough, other policemen and a soldier in uniform joined them to give me the beatings of my life.
They pushed, kicked, slapped, punched, insulted and head butted me.

My colleagues-Mr. Salifu Abdul Rahaman, a senior deputy editor and Mrs. Raissa Sambou Ebu, a reporter were also heckled.

Raissa collapsed and she was rushed to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital for treatment.

However, in the ensuing melee, Mrs. Ebu took my phone and gave it to the driver, one Francis.

It did not end there. In fact, they insisted that my mobile phone be handed to them while they hand cuffed and bundled me into a police vehicle.

After the wild goose chase for my phone, they sent to Ministries Police Station and detained me there for about four hours.

They ignored my plea to them to send me to hospital for medical attention.

While lying almost motionless in the police cell, they brought me out and dragged me on the staircase to an office on the second floor.

At the office,they requested to take my statement but insisted to write my statement only in the presence of my lawyer.

Flowing from this, they sent me back into the cell and urged the inmates to beat me up.

One S. Nukunu who was at the counter, hit me on the back several times.

Few moments later, ACP David Eklu, Director of Public Affairs, Ghana Police Service, ASP Effia Tenge, Greater Accra Police Public Relations Officer arrived in the company of junior policemen. By this time, the Editor of Ghanaian Times, David Agbenu and News Editor , Matthew Ayinne Ayoo were waiting at the Crime Office.

Then I was brought out from the cell and issued a police medical form after reasons prevailed that I should come and write my statement the next day.

I was sent to Coco clinic at North Kaneshie, treated and discharged.
So brazen, shameful, despicable and horrendous was the assault as they ignored warnings from onlookers who shouted “they will kill him”, “stop it, this is not right”.

So embolden and downhearted were they as they boasted that journalists only make noise when they are assaulted and that this one too shall pass.

It is important to add that the assault ha
ppened in the presence of a senior policeman of the rank of DSP who goaded his men on.

Source: Malik Sulemana/


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