Dr. Awal’s Success is borne out of Hardwork, Commitments in Shaping the Spheres of Entrepreneurship- John Kumah

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) Mr. John Ampontuah Kumah has attributed the success and countless recognitions of Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, Minister for Business Development, to immense hard work and dedication in shaping the spheres of entrepreneurship in Ghana.

In an interview with, the CEO of NEIP commended Dr. Awal for his diversity and innovative initiatives that have enhanced the entrepreneurial eco-system in Ghana, and his supports for start-ups and small businesses.

He, however, recounted Dr. Awal’s swift rise and overwhelming achievements within this short while of office, and believes it’s a manifestation of hard work and his commitment towards raising Ghanaian businesses to a standard.

Leadership, he said, has never been a title or a designation for Dr. Awal, but the Impact which involves getting results, the influence of spreading the passion he has for his work, and also inspiring teammates and the people around him, has always been his utmost priority.

The NEIP boss indicated that the Ministry of Business Development under the watch of Dr. Ibrahim Awal, has implemented the spirit of chasing dreams, exploring fearlessly, working together to surmount difficulties and cooperating for a win-win results.

According to Mr. Kumah, the ministry has carried out the innovation-driven development strategy and promoted the building of a community with a shared future for humanity through practical actions, which will further improve Ghana’s economic strength, cohesion, and international influence.

Indicating that the attention, respect and sympathy Ghanaian businesses, especially the start-ups and small businesses enjoy today, through the supports of the Ministry and the NEIP, show that government has achieved great success in that area.

“We remain committed to our principled position on assisting startups and young entrepreneurs in setting up prospective businesses to help eradicate the high rate of unemployment in the country”. Mr. Ampontuah Kumah maintained.

The Awards

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal was adjudged the Most Business-Oriented African Minister by the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), at the World Excellence Awards night 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey, an event which was attended by world business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

“WBAF recognises your role in encouraging and enhancing start-ups and bringing the start-up agenda at the centre of government policy”. These were the words cited on the award received.

A Ghanaian research and investigative company recently also adjudged Dr. Awal, as Ghana’s Best Performing Minister for 2018 by FAKS Investigative Services.

Source: Blessing Roselyn Boateng/Editor/


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