Let’s ban this ‘Diluted National Security’ to avert Civil War tomorrow- Edzorna Mensah

I’ve observed the works of these people we called National Security Operatives for some years now, and the number of troubles they have caused within this period.

This Group of people, operating under the guise of National Security are always on rampage, causing fear and panic to other citizens.

Hmmmmmm…..!!!!! National Security, it sounds good and perfect, isn’t it? Yes! It sounds very nice in my ears especially the word, ‘National’.

These people without any name tag and no uniform appear to be too powerful that, they beat, slap and they even shoot and kill ordinary Ghanaians at times and no one questions their discourteous actions against others.

The wisdom behind The National Security as established by The Security and Intelligence Agencies Act (Act 526), is basically to ensure safety and wellbeing of every citizen irrespective of his/her education or status and to also protect our interests, assets, resources and institutions, but as usual, our politicians have hijacked it, and they are using it to intimidate everyone, especially the opposition persons and businesses.

If you go to fishing communities like Aflao, Adafienu, Ada etc, they are all over there pounding our fisher folks, destroying their belongings worth millions of Ghana Cedis with impunity.

On land, they are there troubling traders, commuters, car dealers, businesses and as for mining communities, it is an eyesore.

How these guys are recruited, we don’t know, who supervises their activities, we don’t know but they always take orders from above.

At least we know how Ghanaians are recruited into The Armed Forces of Ghana and The Ghana Police Service, as established by The 1992 Constitution, articles 210(10) & 200(1) respectively.

With the above mentioned Security Agencies, we know qualification, the application process and the methodology used to recruit, in fact, the number of months one needs for training is known to us.

But one wonders how Delali, Akos or Mohammed get recruited into This Almighty National Security, who are terrorizing our people now and then.

These people are to work in our interest but look, they have become a ‘National Terror Group brutalizing people daily to please their pay masters, thereby endangering the peace and joy our forefathers used their blood to acquire for all of us.

My brothers and sisters, now that politicians are recruiting party persons as National Security Operatives, to carry out their evil deals anywhere and anytime in this Country, the whole establishment, thus the real National Security has lost its usefulness.

They normally recruit heavily build men, non-educated people who are party loyalists and resource them well at the expense of State Security Agencies for them to perpetuate crimes targeting their perceived political opponents.

And, if we don’t as a nation put a stop to this ugly hooliganism, and use those resources to build a stronger Police Service and The Armed Forces of Ghana to work effectively and efficiently to defend us all during national elections and programs, more troubles await us.

This opinion was written to correct the wrong things associated with some of our Security Agencies/Personnel. The Author is Edzorna Francis Mensah. You can contact him via:


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