Nokia 2018 model comes with Snake

Nokia has revealed a brand new phone for 2018 and it looks set to whisk us on a nostalgic trip back to when phones were actually, you know, phones.

The Nokia 106 can store up to 2,000 contacts and hold up to 500 text messages in its expansive 4MB memory.

It weighs just a touch over 70g and has a battery that’ll last ‘from sunrise to sunset with one charge,’ according to Nokia’s parent company, HMD Global.

On standby, the battery will go for an entire week without needing to be charged. The Nokia 106 comes with Snake.

Most importantly, it comes with Snake preinstalled that you can play on the 1.8-inch 160 x 120 pixel display. And you control it with actual, physical buttons on a real-life keypad.

And there’s a headphone jack as well. The Nokia 106 (Image: HMD Global) According to HMD, the phone is planned for release in ‘select global markets’.

It’s not clear if that includes Blighty, but the company has already ruled out the US. Nokia does make regular smartphones these days that use Google’s Android operating system.

But that’s not as interesting as these nostalgic little slices of smartphone history.


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