MMDA’s must engage Professionals in strengthening PMDs to ensure Value for money in Projects

Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South and former Mayor of Accra, Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, has emphasized the need for Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to strengthen their Project Management Departments with management professionals, in other to ensure value for money in all projects.

That, according to him, is where Project management Professionals come together to bring not just management expertise, but technical expertise and skills needed to effectively plan, execute and monitor government infrastructure projects.

Speaking at the 2018 Project Management Professionals (PMPs) Annual Conference, under the theme ” Accelerating Ghana’s economic transformation through project management, Hon. Vanderpuije had indicate.

He also spoke on the significance of engaging a mass of qualified Project Management Professionals and expert needed for efficient infrastructural transformation of the Ghanaian economy, A key component of Agenda 2063, the Fifty Years Long Term Plan of African Union”.

Stating that in order to actualize the Agenda 2063 in Ghana, there would be the need for critical mass of qualified project management professionals and experts to spearhead the infrastructure transformative agenda of the economy.

According to the Two (2) term Mayor, an effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems, underpinned by accountability and transparency must be set up to ensure the attainment of the Agenda 2063 Aspirations.

Infrastructure development which is considered as one of the key growth drivers of every economy, He said, has necessitated in the demand for a mass of project management professionals to pull their expertise together in aid of infrastructural transformation in Ghana.

Indicating that the critical issues facing most infrastructure projects in Ghana, especially government sponsored projects, are time delays and cost overruns, which more often than not, cause losses to the nation, than protecting the public purse.

“Project Management Professionals have a critical role to play in the delivery of sustainable development in the country as well as the attainment of Agenda 2063.

We need to continuously enrich the outlook and capacities of the various stakeholders and stakeholder groups with respect to the need to engage, a qualified Project Management Professionals and experts on all infrastructure development projects”. He noted.

Agenda 2063, which is the AU’s endogenous plan for transformation, harnesses the continent’s comparative advantages such as its people, history and cultures; its natural resources; its position and repositioning in the world to effect equitable and people-centred social, economic and technological transformation, as well as eradication of poverty.

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