Ga East Assembly faces Wrath of Ayariga; Sued Over Unlawful Demolishing of Private Property

After the unlawful invasion and demolishing of some private properties around the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, by the Municipal Chief Executive of the Ga East Assembly, the Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) Dr. Hassan Ayariga, who was a victim in the said demolishing exercise has retaliated by filing a lawsuit against the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and the Ga East Municipal Assembly for tearing down portions of a fenced wall he put up on his land.

According to Dr. Ayariga, he acquired some parcels of land, approximately two acres in size at Haatso, from the Odai-Ntow Family of Ashongman, in the joint names of himself and his wife Anita Ayariga, somewhere in the year 2012.

The Plaintiff claims that they purchased the said parcels of land, for the purpose of constructing a playground, with other ancillary facilities for the surrounding communities, as part of their philanthropic works and contributions to the development of Ghana.

According to him, he went into immediate possession of the said parcels of land and put some people on the lands, who were engaged in vegetable farming for many years, and who were also in charge of security.

In the first quarter of 2018, He said, a construction of block fences were made around land to safeguard the land from possible encroachers amongst other reasons.

The Plaintiff said in June, 2018, officers of the Ga East Municipal Assembly approached him for the purposes of securing a building permit for the fenced wall being constructed, for which he issued a cheque, together with other documentary requirements for the issue of building permit as requested, but the cheque was returned by the officers of the defendants, with the excuse that they preferred a cash payment, which the Plaintiff resisted to avoid pilfering of government resources.

Reiterating that of anger and show of brutal force, officers of the Ga East Municipal Assembly, under the guise of undertaking their usual or lawful activity, in the company of some military and police officers, in July 2018, demolished portions of the fenced wall, despite resistance from him and his workers who were at the time working on the land.

Dr. Ayariga has stated the value of the portions of the demolished fence amounting to GH¢ 250,000.00, and that at all material times, he had done everything to obtain the requisite building permit, but the defendant deliberately, unreasonably and unlawfully refused to grant the permit, with an objective of breaking down the wall, for its ulterior motives.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, amongst other reliefs, has sought a perpetual injunction restraining the municipal assembly from interfering with his interest and/or possession of the said parcels of land.


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