Volta Region Eulogises Alex Segbefia

It was all refreshing and joyous moment when the immediate past Health Minister under the erstwhile Mahama Administration, Alex Segbefia, happily honored an invitation to the first ever Speech and Prize Giving Day Celebration of the Adevukorpe M.A. Basic School at Weta in Ketu North Municipal Assembly of the Volta Region.

This, from the testimonies of many, was least expected and as such a big surprise considering his status and the distance from where he is resident, Accra.

What was even more incredible and admirable, and thus an icing on the cake was the former state official’s resolve to submit the crux of his carefully conveyed message to the staff and pupils, parents, traditional leaders and the good people of the Adevukorpe community successfully in our local language, The Ewe.

The Chief and the people of Adevu-Kope-Weta were so much overwhelmed, and as such showered him with lots of praises and commendations.

According to the traditional ruler, Torgbui Fietsu Akuina of Weta,  Lawyer Segbefia is truly a humble servant whose character and attitude is worth emulating not only by our younger ones, but also individuals who would want to Megbe their country in any privileged capacity.

To him, the former Deputy Chief of Staff will for ever remain a true and proud son of the Volta Region.

Megbe of Dufia Sorkpor of Weta Traditional Area, who competently chaired the occasion, admonished the pupils to be respectful, obedient and also to take their studies serious.

He advised the pupils to take a cue from the former minister’s down-to-earth persona, especially his “punctuality to time”, which is a great commitment towards self-respect and respect for others as necessary.

Megbeda Dadadzogbor, the chairman for the occasion, went further to thank Alex Segbefia for his ever-readiness in honouring invitation to programs even though he is not in active government position today.

“We have seen much of you when you were a Deputy Chief of Staff under the late President J. E. A Mills and a lot more when you were Deputy Defence Minister and Health Minister too”. He reiterated.

The Chairman for the occasion, who also wields a traditional authority in the area, advised people in government and political office holders from the municipality to consider it a duty to honour invitations of such kind, in order to encourage the younger ones.

The chairman wondered why all the government officials invited couldn’t turn up with the exception of the former Minister of Health.

The Chairman said, Mr. Segbefia’s overwhelming support for Weta, was ‘in a class of its own’ and unparalleled to extent that the late Agbota Gbevor of Torgbuiga Ashiakpor, the paramount Chief of Weta Traditional Area, had to confer on him an Honorary citizenship of Weta, which he responded at that time with a gentle smile and said; ‘ then Weta is indeed henceforth one of my second numerous homes in the Region”.

It was undoubtedly a successfully organized program which other basic schools must consider emulating.

The school was started by Dufia of Weta Torgbui Sorkpor in the Weta Traditional Area as a committee School before government took over 1993.

Story: Francis Edzorna Mensah


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