Uplanned Family Begat Unplanned Country-Dr. Okoe Boye

Dr. Okoe Boye, Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku Constituency has warned that a society that fails to plan its family leads to an unplanned country.

He indicated that, the world is fast moving from large family sizes to a planned and secured ones for the sustainability of good living standards.

He said, population is very key in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, especially goals 1 to 5, hence the focus of this year’s World Population Day on family planning.

Speaking on the Floor of Parliament yesterday, he said “a family that is not planned, gives birth to a country not planned”.

He asserted that, if a country’s population is high, it would struggle to ensure quality standard of living for its people.

According to Hon. Okoe Boye, a planned family ensures among other things social economic progress, reduction in maternal and infant mortality, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortion.

He further observed that, the more a society or a country plans its families, the greater the chances of the well-being of its people.

He identified many ways through which a family could prevent pregnancy which include the use of male and female condoms, the hormonal method which include the use of pills and drugs, the injection method which infuses hormones into the system that prevents pregnancy and the calendar method that include using the calendar to practice safe sex.

Hon. Rashid Pelpuo, Member for Wa Central on his part indicated that, population determines the capacity of a country to produce and adequately provide for its citizens.

He said Ghana grows at an average of 2.5% annually, and it is almost the same as the world population growth.

He indicated further that, it is important to create much awareness to Ghanaians on the need to plan their families.

Adding that the phenomenon of large families is fast becoming a thing of the past, entreating Ghanaians to embrace proper family planning.

On her part, Mercy Adu Gyamfi, also known as Ama Sey who is the Member of Parliament for Akwatia Constituency indicated that, women should not be scared of trying family planning methods.

Reiterating that women are normally scared of the side effects associated with family planning methods.

Allaying their fears, she indicated that, if one method results in unpleasant side effect, women should consult their doctors, since there are lots of options available that might suit them.


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