Avoid Cynicism, Pessimism for Ghana Beyond Aid To Reshape Ghana’s Destiny-Annor Dompreh

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament and Member for Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency, Hon. Frank Annor Dompreh has indicated that, cynicism and persimism remains Ghana’s greatest enemy in our pursuit to become a ‘Ghana beyond Aid’ state aimed at shaping a brighter destiny for the nation.

He stated that, in spite of the entire God given wealth and more, Ghana is characterized by a school of thought as a donor dependent country, with the view that Ghana could not succeed in any transformative sustainable economic programme without foreign aid.

He said in the words of these pessimists, everything in Ghana is either paid for by the European Union, USAID, UKAID, Norway or Sweden, adding that “the greatest enemy would be cynicism and pessimism which we must all eschew”, referring to the fact that Ghana should avoid pessimism and cynicism, if the country is to achieve self-reliance and self-dependency.

He further depicted how the Finance Minister in 2015 on behalf of the people of Ghana, literally begged foreign donors on his knees not to cut off development assistance to emerging countries like Ghana, adding that “this is indicative, successive leaders of this country have lacked the know-how to leapfrog this country from the state of dependency to self-reliance and prosperity”.

He further noted that since the 1970’s, countless academic writings such as the popular “the Black man is capable of managing his own affairs” by the first President of Ghana, Osaagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and others had started the campaign for Africa to reduce its dependence on aid.

He added that most of the countries Ghana depends on for aid are doing the country no good, but rather milking on the rich natural and human resources of the country, creating market for their produce and draining us.

He further argued that “the time to make this vision a reality is now, else as a nation we risk a perpetual doom for future generations”, referring to the Ghana beyond Aid vision which seeks to make Ghana self-reliant and self-dependent.

He also added that, the legacy of Ghana beyond aid is the greatest inheritance we can give our children, and the time to begin is now.

The House rallied behind his statement with various Members taking turns to address the need for the country to move beyond aid with the Member for Pusiga, Ayamba Laadi Ayii (Mrs.) expressing concern about the low patronage of local goods by Ghanaians, wondering how Ghana can move on beyond aid when we don’t patronize our own.

She further expressed worry about the leakages in the system which threatens our self-sufficiency, since monies lost through these practices could add up to national revenue to support government’s expenditure.

Member for Sekondi, on his part indicated that Ghana beyond aid is a call for action, calling for value addition to everything available to the state; our law and order, raw materials, education, job market, to mention a few, adding that “Ghana beyond Aid” is not an event, but a process.

Hon.Alfred Okoe Vanderpuye, Member for Ablekuma South Constituency on his part, also called for an enabling business environment if the vision of Ghana beyond Aid is to succeed.


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