We are the Conscience of Society; Never to Homosexuality-Ghana’s Parliament Declare Stance

The Parliament of Ghana with a unanimous voice has sent a strong asserted signal to the world that, it would never ever accept the legalization of same-sex practice.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey in reaction to a joint statement made by the Honorable Member of Parliament for Ho West Constituency and President of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzrah, and the Honorable Member for Krachi West, Helen Adzo Ntoso, indicated that Parliament as representatives of the people, is also the conscience of the society and it is in the right place if Parliament at this juncture, steps into the issue of the stance of Ghana as far as same sex practice such as homosexuality and lesbianism is concerned.

She indicated that, the President has made clear his stance on the matter, that it would not be in his tenure Ghana would accept such practice legally, and that there has been no pressure mounted on the executive by international forces to legally accept same sex practice.

She expressed surprise at media reports about the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, putting pressure on the President to accept same sex marriage, adding that no such thing ever happened in the three meetings that the President has had with the Prime Minister.

The two makers of the statement had earlier reminded the House of a previous interview granted Al Jazeera (a Gulf News Channel) by the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo about his take on the issue of same sex practice, adding that the reaction of the President brought mixed feelings among Ghanaians.

They further referred to a purported speech by Theresa May to the Commonwealth Heads of State, purportedly offering to assist countries including Ghana to rid its statutes of colonial laws that hinders respect for the rights of Lesbians, gays and bisexual people.

Chapter six (6) of the 1960 Criminals Code, as amended by the Criminals code Act, 2003 criminalizes “unnatural carnal knowledge” of humans, which has been interpreted to mean “penile penetration of anything other than a vagina, and there is no law in Ghana that recognizes same sex.

The House was further reminded that Ghanaian customs and practices frown on same acts, and that, the laws passed by the representatives of the People, which is Parliament, is a reflection of the value systems and aspirations of the people, and not otherwise.

They further appealed to the President “not to allow any form of pressure from either within or outside to introduce nor sponsor a bill to Parliament for the legalization of any indecent practice that is alien to our value system as Ghanaians.

The Minority Chief Whip, Hon. Muntaka Mohammed Mubarak on his part, wondered why Theresa May offered assistance to countries to help them legalize gay rights, but not rather to assist us with laws and interventions that would alleviate poverty, the illicit drain of our financial and natural resources by the West.

He indicated that gayism and their rights do not affect Africans in anyway, and that nobody is chasing anyone who is gay to warrant such interventions.

He associated himself with the stance of the Speaker on the subject matter, except to say that he disagrees with the Speaker, if he says he would resign if forced to compromise on his stance, adding that the Speaker would not need to resign, but that all of them would stay and resist vehemently any attempt to force the practice on Ghanaians.

He reminded the House that the West has not changed their stance on polygamy, and that they should not force Africans to change their culture.

The Member for Afutu, Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo Markin on his part, also called for an intensive counter campaign to effectively neutralize the effort of the powers that are for the legalization of same sex practice, calling for intensive grass root education about the dangers associated with the practice.

The second (2nd) Deputy Speaker of the House, Hon. Alban Sumani Bagbin, who sat in as the Speaker, indicated that Ghana will not stand against God, neither would Ghana be misled once more by those who think they are civilized.

He added that “the future of the world belongs to Africa, and we would not be misled again.

“This is the strongest indication from the House, and if need be, we may move a motion one day to resolve and give direction to the country on the matter”.

It is a matter that some people are forcing on Ghana, but we are no longer the small boys and girls of any country, and so we will not take it”. Hon. Bagbin emphasized.

Ghana, He said, will not compromise on her stance against homosexuality and lesbianism.


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