Rally behind Gov’t with Hard work, Sacrifice-Prophet Nixon to Ghanaians

Prophet Osei Kweku Nixon, Founder and General Overseer of the Pentecostal Power Prophetic Ministry has appealed to Ghanaians to rally behind the government and successive ones with hard work and sacrifice.

The man of God who is performing lots of miracles indicated that, the strength of every nation is its workforce, and as such, the development pace of the country is reflective of the productivity and efficiency of its workforce.

He also indicated that, for patriotism to be meaningful in every society, citizens must cultivate the habit of sacrifice, since everything created needs the sacrifice of the other to survive.

He further explained that “for us to live as human beings, something else (maybe the cassava or plantain) must die, the fishes in the sea must sacrifice their lives for us to live, and for mother Ghana to live and flourish in development, Ghanaians must sacrifice their time, energy, efforts, knowledge, and their being”.

Speaking to the media to congratulate Ghanaian workers on the occasion of this year’s International Worker’s Day, the man of God who is known to perform miracles including the instant healing of a crippled and blind woman and the curing of a woman with AIDS through charcoal direction, indicated that where Ghana is currently in terms of its development agenda, hard work and sacrifice from the citizenry is needed to make government policies and interventions meaningful.

He added that, all past government’s efforts towards national development has been commendable, and the current flagship programs of the current government including planting for food and jobs, one district one factory, one village one dam and the rest are very noble interventions that would go a long way to accelerate our development.

Adding that, all these depends largely on the citizenry, and “our ability to work hard and sacrifice our time and efforts towards the greater national goal”.

He said, the advanced countries that are far advanced in development did not, and even now do not sit on their oasis, hence the level of their development.

He added that, the advanced economies have ensured the entrenchment of the rule of law and good governance, adding that for us to take our rightful place in the world economic order, we need to develop the habit of hard work.

He further appealed to the government and stake hold policy makers to ensure that they show example in exhibiting and rally the country behind hard work and sacrifice, adding that they should also ensure what is due every worker in terms of remuneration and motivation is given them appropriately in order to motivate them to work hard.

He also took the opportunity to invite national leadership and Ghanaians to come to his Ministry with every disease or problem, since God has blessed him with the power to heal and take every affliction away, adding that every disease or problem have spiritual undertone, so it is important that whilst physical solutions are sought for them, the spiritual ones should also not be ignored.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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