Set Agenda 2025 for Mental Revolution-Bishop Bonegas to Policy Makers

The founder and leader of the Great Fire Pentecostal International Ministry, Bishop Daniel Kwame Kissi Bonigas has called for a mental and attitudinal revolution of every fiber of the Ghanaian socio political, cultural and economic setting.

Tagging it as “Agenda 2025”, he made a passionate call on the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and all stakeholders to adopt and lead the crusade aimed at transforming Ghanaian society to a better and efficient one by 2025, starting in 2018.

Lamenting on the moral degradation, corruption and corruptible practices, unpatriotism and general lawlessness that has characterized the Ghanaian society, he wondered how the country can develop with these.

He said “starting from 2018, the government should lead a mental and attitudinal revolution in every fiber of the Ghanaian society, re-enforce commitment to ensuring rule of law and re-invent the attitudinal direction of governance and members of government.

Explaining further, he indicated that, any human being who thinks the same way always do not prosper.

He revealed that most Ghanaians are poor, and the nation generally is lacking behind in development due to the fact that Ghanaians think the same way whilst the global world gets dynamic with changes.

He added “any rain that falls result in flooding, all because as a people we have not decided to change our mentality and attitudes”.

He said, “the fact that people still litter gutters, disrespects authorities, refuse to pay their taxes with impunity, run down government institutions and indulge in corruption with the least opportunity, is an indication of how left behind we’ve become as a nation, adding that “even during creation, God did different things each day”.

He wondered why even drainage constructions in Ghana are the same, even though population and its attendant problems keep growing by the day.

He blamed the media for not devoting much time for such development issues, but rather sets and direct national discourse along politics, tasking them to pile pressure on politicians to do the right thing.

“The media’s influence on national issues is less”. He added.

Lambasting successive governments on their inability to shape a national agenda for this course, the Bishop of the Gospel indicated that “in spite of huge numbers in the governments of successive administrations, development is still nothing to write home about; in spite of the numerous Mayors Ghana has had, gutters are still choked”.

He added that “Ebony died as a result of someone’s negligence, but after losing her, the debris were collected”.

He lamented that “Ghana needs real change in all aspect of our lives, and our leaders must champion this cause.

He further revealed that God did not create any nation poor, but rather it is how affairs are managed that makes the difference.

He further challenged policy makers to ensure attitudinal change in our institutions and bring innovative ways of addressing teething national challenges, adding that “the impact of change should reflect our national life”.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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