Corruption in CLOGSAG; Tension looms as Executive Secretary is Fingered

Corruption in Ghana has assumed endemic proportion to the extent that it seems to have permeated the very fibre of socio political life of the nation.

Every corruption rating that is conducted deepens this assertion, resulting in the subject matter being a political campaign issue over the last fourth (4th) Republican democratic dispensation.

It however, raises serious concerns when institutions and bodies which otherwise are expected to stand for the interest of the general populace and the taxpayer, rather wallow themselves in the muddy pit of corruption, a case of ‘who watches the watchman?’

The Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) has been caught in the muddy pit of corruption, with its Executive Secretary, Isaac Bampoe-Addo fingered, as the Executive Committee’s directive for a fresh audit into the Association’s account of 2015, which was rejected by the Committee is yet to be complied with.

A well-placed source within the leadership of the association who spoke on condition of anonymity indicated that, the association has a fund (CLOGSAG Fund) and Tier 2 fund, which involves the tier two (2) deductions of members, which fund is managed by Hedge Pension Scheme.

He further stated that the Executive Secretary and the National Treasurer are board members and signatories to the operational accounts of Hedge Pension Scheme, a case which does not create room for accountability.

It was further revealed that, persistent calls from members of CLOGSAG to current national executives, especially the Executive Secretary have fell on deaf ears, and this has created huge tension within the association.

Reverend Asante Wiafe, the Eastern Regional Chairman of the association indicated that, when the association went for congress in 2016, congress rejected the accounts presented by the executive, represented by the treasurer due to elements of corruption, misappropriation and misapplication of funds, labelling it as dubious, shambolic and massive misappropriation of monies.

He added that, congress tasked each region to select members to form an audit team to audit the accounts of the association, which members did, but the report has been hidden and yet to be released.

Section of the leadership of the association are calling for members to rise against the corruption and impunity going on in the association in view of the fact that, people are using their monies for their selfish interests; especially when anybody who rise to hold them accountable is victimised.

They called for action to be taken against the Executive Secretary of the Association who has entrenched himself, calling for his removal.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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