Let’s not Deprive Our Kids of Sex Education under the Guise of Religion-Hon. Afenyo Markin

Contributing to a statement on teenage pregnancies in the North Dayi District by the North Dayi Member of Parliament, the Member for Efutu Constituency, Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo Markin on his part indicated that, it is worrying that under the guise of religion, we tend to shy away from educating our kids on sex, and that is wrong.

He also said one of the key things to focus on in counseling is to ensure that, things are made bare and clear to people, so religious leaders, as well as parents must not pretend sex does not exist, and so education on sex should not be ignored.

In our churches, because we do not want people to know about sex, we pretend it does not exist, a case he disagrees, insisting that “they should know”.

He also revealed that nowadays, due to the nature of meals the kids take during infancy, they tend to go through puberty transition early, sometimes at the age of 11, 12, 13 and even in some cases 10, which is important that they know.

“We must educate the kids to abstain from sex, however we should also tell them that if you cannot abstain, use condom”. Hon. Afenyo Markin emphasized.

He further advised children to abstain from sex, take their studies serious and add value to themselves, which will also secure them a future; but if they cannot, they should know their productive cycle and engage in sex during their safe periods rather than doing so at a period they are likely to get pregnant.


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