We’ll not Accept Subjugation of the Laws to ‘Might is Right’-Hon. Haruna Iddrisu

In a sharp contrast to the position earlier taken, the Minority Leader and Member of Parliament for the Tamale constituency, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu indicated that Ghanaians, and for that matter Members of Parliament are loyal to the laws of Ghana and nothing more or less .

According to the Minority leader, Ghana is not a lawless country, neither is it a ‘Banana Republic’ and will not accept the relegation and subjugation of the laws of Ghana to ‘might is right’.

In reaction to the contribution by the Minister of Defense, Hon. Iddrisu indicated that, the Minister should be informed that he is not above the laws of Ghana, and neither is the Ghana Armed Forces also above the laws of Ghana, adding that, the minority will only support the Minister, if he is operating within the limits of the law to solve the environmental issues, which in this case, it is the opposite.

He reminded also the House that, the period of impunity is well gone, and that Parliaments all over the world are the custodians of the liberties and rights of the people, and such is what the House must pursue.

He reminded the government that, it is a property owning Democratic Party, and not property destruction party.

“Article 18 of the Constitution legitimately gave the right to own property to people, and that, this right includes the right to own excavators and tipper trucks”. He emphasized.

He wondered why the Minister did not seek Court approval for his actions if he was confident of its legality.

The National Security, Regional and District Security bodies, He said, are creation of the constitution, and it is improper for the minister to bypass them and use personal discretion to take security actions that has a national bearing and a bearing on the well-being of the ordinary people in a catchment area.

He further revealed that, the traditional rulers feel disrespected by the action, reiterating that, they could have been accorded a little courtesy at least.

The Majority Leader of the House and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs on his part, however, agreed with the fact that the constitution offers the authority for the security agencies to take stringent measures to solve crime in the country, even to the extent of taking the life a person who is seen as a nation wrecker.

He rather called for support for the government’s efforts at fighting crime and protecting the environment


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