Light-House Bible School Project Deprives Amanfo Residents of Road Access

Residents of Mampong-Akwapim in the Eastern Region, particularly those in the Amanfo, a suburb of Mampong Akwapim are up in arms against the local branch and Anagkazo Campus of the Dr. Dag Heward Mills owned Lighthouse Chapel International for blocking the major access roads that lead to Tutu Akwapim and other key areas of Mampong Akwapim including the Amanfo suburbs.

The blockage is to enable the church put up a Bible School, Anagkazo College.

Huge walls have been erected from the Broadcating area in the Mampong town all the way into the mid of Tutu and blocking access to over nine key roads leading to Tutu Akwapim and several parts of Mamping Akwapim.

Residents say the operations of the church and the construction of the school has brought them untold hardships, as they have been forced to painfully adjust to the situation.

They say they are forced to do a long winding to the main road that leads to Accra when going to Tutu Akwapim, Medicas Hospital and several areas in Mampong instead of the short route from Mampong-Akwapim Amanfo area to Tutu Akwapim, and Medicas Hospital environs.

This according to them, has led to the death of some residents because they could not be rushed to hospital early enough due to the long route they had to take.

They have described the move by the church as a great nuisance to residents and individuals who have plots of land in the area.

One of the affected residents, Kojo Yeboah, who has his family land walled around by Mampong-Akwapim Light House Chapel and Anagkazo School, told this reporter that land owners cannot have access to their lands anymore because of the project.

“This is a guerilla tactics that has been adopted by the church, to erect huge walls around people’s lands and frustrate the land owners till they have no option forced to sell their lands to them (the church)”. He stated.                                                                                                 He said, an injunction has been placed on the land and construction works of the Lighhouse, but the church is flouting the order and going ahead to erect walls and pulling down bridges they built for the residents some time ago when they complained of not having access roads.

Mr. Kojo Yeboah further revealed that, Dr. Dag Heward-Mills is aware of the atrocity being perpetrated by his people  but he is not doing anything about it, though he has visited the project site on several occasions.

When contacted officials of the church, they said they can only grant interviews to us within the course of the week.

It would be recalled that, in October last year after the residents protested and granted media interviews as a result of the Mampong- Akwapim Lighthouse and Anagkazo School polluting their source of drinking water, the church rushed to provide drinking water.

But Kojo Yeboah says the community is unable to drink the water because it changes color to brown too often. He appealed to the church to treat the water for safe use.

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