Stop this ‘Majoritarian’ Oppression Or..- Hon. Suhuyini to Majority

The Member of Parliament for the Tamale North Constituency, Hon. Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini, has sent a strong message to the Majority to stop what he refers to as the “Majoritarian Oppression”, or face an ‘aluta’ which risk exploding in the face of Ghanaians.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday to register the displeasure of the Minority in relation to the treatment from the other side, Hon. Suhuyini indicated that “the repeated misconduct, disrespect and insinuations by the Majority to the Minority” is a phenomenon they have had to contain since the inception of this Parliament.

He said, the persistent and consistent insults and use of abusive languages specifically by the Majority Leader and other Members of the Majority is simply unacceptable and risk an explosion one day, comparing the situation to an oppressive headmaster who abuses his subjects; adding that “one day, one of the students will rise up, and that is when aluta will strike”.

He added that, the Majority Leader and some Members of the Majority speaks without any iota of respect for the Minority, and this is a worrying trend to our fragile democracy, referring to the abusive words allegedly used by the Majority Leader on the Minority after they walked out during the infamous cash for seat report by the committee yesterday.

He complained that, they have raised the issue severally with their leadership and the Speaker, but all to no avail.

He was particularly worried about the silence of the media and what he termed members of the moral community about this situation, urging them to keep an open mind and eye on this, and revise the way they view one side of the House to be of unsatisfactory behavior and being highly partisan, when actually it is the other side which does worst, referring to the Minority and Majority sides respectively.

Conceding that both parties have entrenched positions, he insisted that when the media and civil society keep an open mind, they will know which side of the divide to chastise.

He added “in spite of the hope of the Minority that people would see the ill-actions of the Majority and condemn it, it doesn’t happen so”.

“The continuous repeat of same is gathering tense conditions within Members of the Minority, which if not checked risks exploding in our face one day, which certainly will affect our fragile democracy”. Hon. Suhuyini cautioned.

He therefore called on all and sundry who loves democracy and good morals to rise up and intervene before it is too late.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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