Space Okoe Clottey to Contest as NDC Chairman

A well known and very dynamic media practitioner, Space Clottey, is determined to win the Odododiodioo constituency chairmanship of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to change the fortunes of his folks.

A hard working, respectful, peaceful, God-fearing and development oriented individual, who the masses strongly believe can easily bring progress and development to the constituency if voted for.

Space Okoe Clottey’s achievements, erudition and exposure is the type the constituency surely needs to bring real progress, peace and development.

Lets all do what we can to ensure that Space Okoe Clottey wins the chairmanship position this time around.

At the point of winning the last constituency elections, and all efforts forcing him to step down failed, he was unconstitutionally and illegally disqualified by some “enemies” within the party. Until the case went to court, but the rest they say, is history to be told later.

1. Founder and former CEO of London based Voice of Africa Radio (The first and only African licensed FM station in the UK)

2. Project Consultant, Trainer and former General Manager and presenter of WFM (The first ever commercial radio station in the Upper West Region of Ghana.) Due to his achievement, energy, enthusiasm, perseverance, humility and love to all, many described him as “The Strategic Manager”.

3. In Ghana and in the UK, Space Okoe Clottey has contributed immensely by mobilizing party and potential supporters with his political communication skills on daily basis.

4. Space Okoe Clottey is a media consultant and a sought after corporate speaker and trainer. He has over 20years of practical experience in broadcasting and media consultancy.

There is no doubt that Space Okoe Clottey is the right man for the job.

The time is now, contribute in your own little way to help SPACE OKOE CLOTTEY to win the chairmanship seat in his ancestral home of Odododiodioo Constituency.

Follow him on Twitter: @spaceClottey
On Facebook: Okoe S. Clottey

Join his Supporters’ Funclub
Or contact him on 0540852639 (whatsapp) / 0508349740

A vote for Space Okoe Clottey, is a vote for Peace and Development in Odododiodioo


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