Aftermath of Cash for Seat Report; Cite Ashim Morton with Perjury-Hon. Agbodga describes Report as fit for Dogs

The Minority Member of Parliament for the Adaklu Constituency, Kwame Agbodza has asked Parliament to cite the Managing Director of the Millenium Excellence Foundation Ambassador Ashim Morton for perjury.

He alleged that the leader of the Foundation that organized the infamous Millennium Excellence Award, which resulted in the setting up of the ‘Cash for Seat’ Committee of Parliament presented ‘forged documents to the committee under oath during sitting, making him culpable of perjury, under our legal jurisprudence.

He said, the Minority showed evidence of how some of the documents presented by officials of the Millennium excellence had been doctored.

Speaking to the media in an interview after sitting on Wednesday, the vociferous Member alleged that, there were times that Mr. Ashim Morton presented different documents suggesting he, is the Managing Director of the Foundation, whilst other times, he presented different ones suggesting he is the Chairman of the company, and this according to him makes the MD a candidate for perjury.

At a sitting characterized by a seeming ‘sit down strike’ by the Minority, the Member for Adaklu also described the Majority ‘Cash for Seat’ Report as “fit for dogs”, explaining that the report was drafted just to help solidify the position of the President, with the Majority having prejudiced it even before sitting.

He bemoaned the actions of the Majority against them, complaining that they have been hailing insults against the Minority anytime they get the chance to make contribution on the Floor, citing the incidence that happened last Tuesday after their walk-out boycott of proceedings of the House during the debate on the presentation of the ‘Majority Cash for Seat Report, where he alleges that the Majority leader’s comments were full of insults and insinuations towards them.

He also indicated that, the ‘sit down’ mood of the Minority that characterized debate for the day was a means to let Ghanaians know of their unhappiness of the way they have been treated by the Majority in relation to the ‘cash for seat’ issue.

It would be recalled that the Minority virtually did not participate in any debate, did not second any motion and did not participate in voting during public business of the House when various Reports, papers were laid and adopted; with no contribution to statements from the Majority side too.

He also tagged the ‘Majority Cash for Seat committee report as having been written “using a dark hand”.

Earlier on laid, adopted and approved during public business of the House was the Report of the Finance Committee on the Request for waiver of Import Duties, Import VAT, ECOWAS Levy, EXIM Levy, Special Import Levy and other approved imposts as assessed, amounting to the Ghana Cedi equivalent of Forty-Eight Million, One Hundred and Three Thousand, Two Hundred and Thirteen United States Dollars and Seventy cents (US$48,10,213.70) (Gh¢211,456,917.11) on materials to be procured by MORD / AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd of India in respect of the design and Construction of an 84.8km multi-modal railway line, including railway stations between Tema and Akosombo, and construction of railway Heads at Tema and Akosombo on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis by AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd, India.

Also laid and adopted was the Report of the Finance Committee on the Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Ghana regarding mutual assistance between their customs Administrations.

Report of same Finance Committee on the Request for Waiver of Import Duties, Import VAT, Import NHIL, ECOWAS Levy, ADAIF, Special Import Levy and other approved imports, including Inspection Fees amounting to the Cedi equivalent of Two Million, Two Hundred and Eighty-Seven Thousand, Ninety Five Euros (€2,287,095.00) on Project Materials and Equipment for the implementation of the Project Agreement between the Ministry of Health and VAMED in respect of the design, construction, equipping and furnishing of Five (5) Polyclinics in the Greater Accra Region (Phase IV) to be located in Adentan, Ashiama, Bortianor, Oduman and Sege was laid, adopted and approved, as the House observed the World Cancer Day.

The House was adjourned till Thursday 8th of February, 2018 at 10 O’clock in the forenoon when the House receives the President for His mandatory state of the nation address.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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