Leave Us out of Politics-Nii Arde Mkpa family

The Head of the Nii Arde Mkpa Family of Kokrobite, Tuba and Langma, Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe has asked people who are dragging the name of the family into politics to desist from doing so. 

He expressed the displeasure of the family in relation to certain individuals who are linking the family to certain political affiliation, saying that the family is never into politics, and would not be dragged into same, and that they are resolute in that regard not to allow themselves to be dragged into the political gutters as some people want.

He revealed that, one Abass of Kokrobite had alleged through a press conference, that the family is ‘in bed’ with the Ga South Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), for which the family has given him land gift.

He added that, the allegations further suggested that due to the land gift, He, the family head had gone for land guards and invaded the area, something the DCE has turned a blind eye on.

Speaking to the media on the matter, Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe indicated that, the allegations that their land guards are paying monies to the MCE is false and must be treated with the contempt it deserves, adding that “in as much as they want to eliminate corruption, all corruption allegations should be substantiated”.

He revealed that, the family has given out an acre of land to the MCE for the building of a school complex which is ongoing, for the Kokrobite, Tuba, Langma communities.

“if that is the reason why people are going with those allegations, then it should be made clear that all those allegations are false”. He stated.

Also, according to him, the allegation that land guards from Gomoa Fetteh have run from Fetteh and invaded the area is false, adding that the family is anti-land guard, and that they call on the government to infuse the same enthusiasm used in the fight against galamsay into the fight against land guards.

Reiterating that land guards operate as so during daytime, but as armed robbers and contract killers during the night.

He also asserted that, all Kokrobite, Tuba and Langma lands belong to the Nii Arde Mkpa Family, and hence do not need any approval from government or MCE to sell lands or to make any grant since they are the allodia owners.

However, in a vehement rebuttal, the Chief of Kokrobite, Nii Offei III refuted the claim by the Nii Arde Mkpa Family to the effect that they are the sole allodia owners of the lands afore-described.

Showing documents to prove, he said both the Nii Offei Family and Nii Arde Mkpa families are joint allodia owners, as per a declaration made by their immediate predecessors.

He also alluded to the fact that apart from the James Town Stool, Kokrobite Stool is the oldest stool under the paramountcy, dating back to 1900.

Also, on the 2nd of February, 2016, the Ngleshie Alata Paramount Stool Council through a letter captioned “RE: INTRODUCTION OF NII OFFEI III, (SUBSTANTIVE KOKROBITE MANTSE) AS ACCREDITED MANTSE IN CHARGE OF ALL LANDS SPANNING KOKROBITE, TUBA AND LANGMA FOR THE NGLESHIE ALATA (JAMES TOWN) PARAMOUNT STOOL” and with reference number NAPSC introduced Nii Offei III as the substantive Mantse to exercise supervisory authority of the lands in the area for the stool.

Nii Offei III also corroborated the allegations leveled against the Head of the Nii Arde Mkpa Family, Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe that he has invaded the communities with land guards, and that he is using the MCE to further his selfish interests.

He appealed to the government to call Daniel Nii Arde Tagoe to order, since he is bringing chaos to the area, especially as they cannot even trace him to the Nii Arde Mkpa Family traditionally.

Story: Frederick E. Aggrey


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