Quit being the “Slay Queen, Boss Chick” and prove your Worth-Bel advises young Ladies

26 year old student of Crystal Galaxy School, located at Odorkor, a suburb in Accra, Ms Belinda Hammond (Naa Bel) has advised women, especially young ladies not to see prostitution as an option to make a living, hence, should kill their pride and engage themselves in some trading to be able to stand on their own, and not to be dependent on what men can offer.

In the course of struggling to earn a living, many girls have resorted into commercialising themselves for money to cater for their daily needs, whiles some have also over burdened their men with unending demands, instead of finding something descent and useful to live on.

“Though prostitution is a job, likewise selling pure water. So why would you go out there and give your body out when you can do a descent job like carrying pure water on your head? It is pride that is killing young ladies of today, because they feel too big and sometimes think their friends will laugh at them. But when you feel too big, that’s where you make decisions that tomorrow, you will look back and regret” Ms. Hammond reiterated.

According to Belinda Hammond, after being rejected by many employers for not satisfying their sexual needs, she engaged in the sale of Recharged cards and Cigarette business on the Street of Osu, which bears witness to it.

This Female Activist said, though, men took advantage of her vulnerabilty in relationships, and was also abused physically and emotionally, she never gave up on her principles but stood up for her dream of having her own project which will be a stepping stone to inspire women and also educate the young ones on what to do, when they encounter such challenges.

This project, She said, is to encourage ladies who are not able to stand for themselves, to actually come out of their shell and make impact on society, with or without any help from any man, which will also enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

“Right now I’m about to start this educational project with schools by sharing my experience with these vulnerable kids as a way of keeping them from being victims of circumstance and also hoping for an opportunity to be interviewed on both radio and television stations for me to be able to disseminate this life changing experience”. Ms. Hammond has disclosed.

She therefore advised young ladies that, wherever they find themselves, all they need to do is to just turn it around, make the best out of it, pick up the broken pieces and then patch it up.

Don’t be scared by the scars or marks that will show, it will only remind you of where you were and how strong you’ve become. She added.

She made this known in an interview with the media during an “All Girls” interactive program which took place over the weekend at her residence in Accra, under the theme, “Empowering Women through Life Changing Experience”.

About 25 career and prospective women were there, to also share their experience with men and in life as whole, having Belinda Hammond and Mrs. Yvonne Rammal as main Speakers for this interactive program.

Some of the areas discussed by these working class, but vulnerable young ladies in the maiden section of the program, were on “Job struggle, Relationship struggle, Prostitution and other female related issues.

Story: Blessing Roselyn Boateng


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