Ghana’s’ fight against corruption; EOCO exceeds performance target

The Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), a subvented Agency under the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice has exceeded its performance targets for the year 2014-2017 period, giving hope to the nation’s fight against corruption.

The Attorney General and Ministry of Justice has a primary objective of promoting the rule of law in Ghana, and for this objective to be achieved, the Economic and Organized Crime Office was aligned to a focus area of fighting crimes and economic crimes through the investigation of criminal cases under the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) II, 2014-2017.

Indicators from the National Annual Report indicate that, EOCO achieved 430 reported cases, representing 107.5% of the 400 cases targeted. Similarly, 397 cases were investigated, representing 158.8% of the 250 targeted.

Additionally, 24 cases were prosecuted under the period of review, representing 96% of 25 cases targeted for prosecution.

Also, 6 convictions were made, representing 60% of the 10 number of convictions targeted under the period of review.

These revelations were made known when the sector Minister Gloria Afua Akuffo appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Poverty Alleviation to present the Annual Progress Report to the Committee
Stressing on some of the challenges facing the institution.

She said unavailability of funds, personnel and logistics hamper the efficient performance delivery of the institution and those under the ministry.

She recommended that, the subvented institutions under the ministry, such as EOCO should be resourced adequately, with officers trained and refreshed periodically to meet changing dynamics in their area of operation and requisite infrastructure and logistics adequately provided.

Gloria Afua Akuffo, Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Ghana

Story by: Frederick E. Aggrey


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