RTP Awards 2017 Nominees Unveil: a historic day for Ghana and West Africa

In a few years from now, when it has become a standard for award organisers to unveil nominees live on TV before the award event itself, September 19, 2017 will be the day it all started.

Yes, Big Events Ghana, organiser of RTP Awards will for the first time in Ghana’s Awards history organise a live event to unveil nominees for the 2017 Awards on television.

Competition in the radio and television industry is arguably the keenest in Ghana and takes poise in one’s body of work to compete in a prestigious award scheme like the RTP, and that step in itself is worthy of praise.

In view of this RTP Awards 2017 Nomination Unveil will project our nominees, celebrate them and give them the pre-award champagne popping moment because to be shortlisted in any category, out of over 6000 applications is in itself a triumph that cannot be downplayed.
Big Events Ghana the organisers of the RTP award have echoed on several occasions that, the courage to file an application without the guarantee of being shortlisted is in itself worthy of commendation because it takes a high level of conviction about one’s body of work to bring it under such level of scrutiny and direct comparison with other key and equally seasoned personalities.

This is why we have dedicated a special day to celebrating all media houses, personalities and programs that filed for the application.

The RTP Awards 2017 Nominations Unveil will take place on Tuesday 19th of September at Holiday Inn Hotel, 3pm.

The event will be telecasted live on TV and streamed on the RTP Awards Africa Facebook page and a host of other platforms.

The unveiling of nominees for all 46 categories will kick-start the call for voting as has been associated with the scheme since its inception in 2011.

Adjudged the best organised event in 2015 and crowned with a breath-taking show in 2016, the 7th RTP Awards is set to trail the blaze with an introduction of exciting innovations and set the tone for quality and internationally competitive Awards Organisation in Ghana across all major industries.

If RTP Awards 2015 was the best organised event in Ghana, if RTP Awards 2016 further entrenched this position, then RTP Awards 2017 is set to be the answer to call for the event to go beyond the borders of Ghana.

We are thankful to the media and the Ghanaian public for accepting this Awards scheme and making RTP what it is today.

As always, we will guarantee you a credible awards show and memorable event.

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