RTP Awards; Recognizing, Rewarding voices of social change in Ghana since 2011

Awards signify recognition of excellence, a reward of an outstanding feat, or a public acknowledgement that inspires one to impact their societies with their exceptional skill and talents.

Since 2011, RTP Awards has rewarded patriots and key individuals in this country who were largely ignored in spite of the fact that they have the loudest and most popular voices in this country.

Celebrating personalities and brands that inspired social change: the objective that drives RTP Awards clearly makes it binding on us to begin to see RTP Awards Night as not just a night of awards and fun but a night when media excellence that impact society positively gets recognised, celebrated and rewarded.

The media man’s role in shaping society cannot be downplayed.

With the power of radio, Kwame Safa kayi, who has won the RTP Awards on over four occasions shapes our national discourse and set the agenda for his portion of listeners who cuts across all facets of our society.

His growing influence on our society has been further enhanced by his incubator initiative via Kokrokoo Charities Foundation that has been immensely helpful to a good number of health care facilities across the country.

He is a role model to many people and a voice that congregates state actors for an intellectual discourse to stimulate social impact.

Standing up for what is right is universally considered admirable but remains the conquest of few tough individuals and Songo is one of such individuals.

In a straightforward and unapologetic manner, he brings problems bedevilling Ghana Sports to public knowledge and keep managers of the sector on their toes.

In 2016, his effort was rewarded by Ghanaians who hold a commanding 60% stake in deciding who wins what in any category of RTP Awards

Taking a stand and being an advocate for women independence in a largely male chauvinistic society is very bold especially when women’s assertiveness is considered rude and a shift from their “role”.

Over the years, she has been referred to as an anti-marriage advocate, home wrecker and many obscene references because she decided to put her life on the line and shape the thinking of women, make them self-dependent and more relevant in society beyond being limited to a subset of men. She is Gifty Anti, a multiple RTP Award winner.

These are the personalities the RTP Awards celebrate every October.

At 4am we are awoken by their inspiring voices, look to them for information about what is happening in Alao, Damango, Takwa and every corner of the country in the day and look to them to ease us into sleep with their soothing voices.

We all make mistakes at work but the man behind the mic or the one with the mic hidden in his pocket can’t do that because his listeners and the very people he works so tirelessly to engage are his first set of judges.

The person behind the radio we listen, the TV we watch, has no room for mood swings and sentimentalism.

On a bad day at personal level, they have to fake being in perfect shape and mood, act excited to keep viewers and listeners happy.

When insulted by interviewees or wrongly accused, they have to act professionally and cast an unprovoked persona

It is a job for others and rarely for self.

This is what makes the RTP Awards Event one that should be encouraged by every Ghanaian and accorded all the support it deserves.

Over the years, the Award has become very key to entrenching professionalism and adherence to best practices across the airwaves.

A careful view of the industry will point to rising standards and extra shift put in by presenters and all involved in making a radio show or TV program thick, knowing that their effort will be rewarded as long as Prince Mackay and his RTP team hold on to the vision.

2017 is here, we have another opportunity as individuals and corporate Ghana to demonstrate that the work of Radio and Television Personalities are appreciated.

Thankfully, in RTP, we have an Award that can rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of awards in the continent.

Adjudged the best organised event two years ago and that status cemented with last year’s game changer, RTP Awards 2017 is one that one cannot wait for and one that should make Africa proud.

It is time to reward people who have duly earned their praise.

With the power of radio and television, countries have gone to war. It is an issue of national interest to encourage best practices and reward voices of positive change because the opposite is deadly and should not be the portion of any country.

Ghana is blessed to have RTP Awards.

One day, after retirement, when the great voice of Nana Aba Anamoah leaves her, she will have a plague or a couple more to inspire her grandchildren to strive for excellence.

His contribution to building Ghana will be evident to those who didn’t see him in his prime that there was once Barrister Daniels who was crowned the Central Region’s Radio Personality of the Year 2013, a man who made Central Region a better place with his voice and brains.

These are the things that matter once the money stops hitting the account after retirement, the accolades and award plagues become the evidence of the past exploits and contribution towards making Ghana better.

If footballers show off their medals as evidence of their career feats, Radio and Television Personalities have earned the right to show their RTP Awards plague


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